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Charyn – the Grand Canyon of Kazakhstan

Charyn (Sharyn) Canyon, stretching for 154 km along the Charyn River, is located about 200 km east of Almaty, near the border with China, part of the Charyn National Park.

This picturesque natural monument consists of sedimentary rocks formed about 12 million years ago. The height of the rocks reaches 150-300 m. Charyn Canyon on Google Maps. Photos by: Sergey Rubtsov.

The most interesting place for tourists is the so-called Valley of Castles, which length is about 2 km, width – 20-80 m.

The landscape diversity of the Charyn Canyon determines the diversity of its flora and fauna. There are more than 1,500 plant species, 17 of which are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, 62 species of mammals, 103 species of nesting birds, 25 species of reptiles.

At the end of the Valley of Castles.

Small tourist base.

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