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Glaciers and Lakes of the Dzungarian Alatau

The Dzungarian or Semirechensky Alatau is a mountain system located in the north-east of the Almaty region, between the Ili River and Lake Alakol.

This region is a place with pristine nature because it is located in the border zone with China. There are no roads and settlements here. Some areas can be reached only on horseback or by helicopter. Photos by: Grigory Bedenko.

This mountain system consists of two ranges, the total length – 450 km, the height – up to 4,562 meters (Semenov-Tyan-Shan Peak). The main feature of the Dzungarian Alatau is an abundance of beautiful glacial lakes (about 200).

A significant part of the Dzungarian Alatau is located in China. In some places the state border with Kazakhstan is very bizarre. For example, it bisects this beautiful mountain lake called Kazankol. The mountains on the left bank of the lake are in the territory of China.

Kazankol and Maliy (Small) Kazankol lakes formed as a result of earthquakes. Small Kazankol is located in Chinese territory.

Cascade lakes.

Lake Taskol – a very beautiful body of water with a giant glacier hanging over it.

Lake Kapkan – one of the largest lakes in the northern Tien Shan.

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