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Saryarka – Steppe and Lakes of Kazakhstan

Saryarka is a vast steppe territory located in Northern and Central Kazakhstan, in the Akmola and Karaganda regions. It is known for its harsh climate, unique ecosystem with rich flora and fauna, and picturesque views.

Saryarka – Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstan is the first natural World Heritage site in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It consists of two reserves, Korgalzhyn (Central Kazakhstan) and Naurzum (Northern Kazakhstan), with a total area of ​​450,344 hectares. Korgalzhyn Reserve of Saryarka on Google Maps. Photos by: Grigory Bedenko.

Mists in Central Kazakhstan.

Girl and her dog from the village of Barshino.

Islet on Lake Tengiz.

Cat from Barshino.

Steppe antelopes (Saiga tatarica).

There are two groups of lakes with fresh and salt water, which are important stopping places for millions of birds migrating annually from Africa, India, and southern Europe to nesting sites in Western and Eastern Siberia.

Tectonic rift in the vicinity of Lake Tengiz.

Wild horses – one of the symbols of Saryarka.

These wetlands support populations of such globally threatened species as Siberian crane, pink flamingo, white-tailed eagle, curly pelican, etc.

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