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Kazakhstan flag general info

January 24, 1996 the President of Kazakhstan decree concerning Kazakhstan national symbols - Kazakhstan flag, Kazakhstan coat of arms, Kazakhstan anthem - was approved.

The present day Kazakhstan flag is the result of national contest. There were about 600 different projects. The winner was Shaken Niyazbekov and his project is Kazakhstan national flag today.

Kazakhstan flag

Kazakhstan flag facts

Main element of Kazakhstan flag is its color. The light blue color is a symbol of sky and water. The pure light blue color also symbolizes cultural and ethnic unity of Kazakhstan people and the indivisibility of Kazakhstan country.

The sun is the source of life and energy. That’s why the silhouette of the sun symbolizes life. Human being is not eternal and human life is measured in some way by time. Nomads - the ancestors of Kazakhstan people - used the sun’s movements to measure the time. The sun is also a symbol of wealth and abundance.

If you look at Kazakhstan flag a little closer you will see that the sun’s rays are like grain. And the grain is the basis of abundance and prosperity. The total number of rays is 32.

Among the nomad people the golden eagle plays very important role. People of different Kazakhstan tribes had the golden eagle on their flags for centuries.

The eagle symbolizes the power of the state and astuteness. For Kazakhstan people as for people of the steppe the eagle is a symbol of independence, freedom and flight to future. Also the eagle is strong enough to repulse anyone who is preventing this flight to future. The eagle symbolizes the attempt of young Kazakhstan state to become the important part of world civilization.

The line placed in parallel with Kazakhstan flag staff consists of national ornamental pattern. It is Kazakhstan national ornamental pattern “koshkar-muiz” - horns of the ram.

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