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LHJ asks: Hi. I have a new friend from Kazakhstan and I just found out that it's his birthday soon. But I barely know about Kazakhstan culture, and I don't want to be rude. Is there anything I should be careful when I choose a present? and what kind of birthday cake would be proper or recommended? Thank you :)
Expert's answer:

Most of the Kazakhs are Muslims - according to statistics, more than 70% of the population belong to this religion. Therefore, the restrictions on certain gifts here are the same as in other Muslim countries.

For example, don't give alcohol, which is forbidden to many Muslims. With all the love of the Kazakhs to cold arms, gifting knives is not recommended because according to the popular believe, this will soon lead to quarrels between people; the same is true about lighters.

As for the cake, if your friend is a Muslim, then wine (dessert or table), liqueur, rum, or any other alcohol should not be among its ingredients. Well, and probably it should not be big as cakes become spoiled relatively quickly.

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