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Kazakhstan media overview

Press freedom is enshrined in Kazakhstan’s Constitution, but media rights monitors say the privately-owned and opposition media are subject to harassment and censorship. In 2004 the Brussels-based International Federation of Journalists identified a “growing pattern” of intimidation of Kazakhstan media.

Insulting the President of Kazakhstan and officials is a criminal offence; the private life, health and financial affairs of the President are classified as state secrets.

Kazakhstan government controls the printing presses and most radio and TV transmission facilities. It operates Kazakhstan national radio and TV networks.

Kazakhstan press, newspapers

Kazakhstan press, newspapers

Kazakhstanskaya Pravda - government-backed, Russian-language.

Yegemen Qazaqstan - government-backed, Kazakh-language.

Ekspress-K - private, Russian-language. Liter - private, daily.

Vremya - private, opposition weekly.

Nachnem s ponedelnika - private, Russian-language opposition weekly.

Karavan - private, weekly.

Kazakhstan main TV channels

Kazakhstan TV

Khabar TV - operated by Khabar agency.

Kazakh TV (first channel) - state-owned, broadcasts in Kazakh and Russian.

Kazakh Commercial TV (KTK) - private, broadcasts in Kazakh and Russian.

Caspionet - satellite channel operated by Khabar agency.

Eurasia TV - state-run, rebroadcasts of Russia’s Channel One.

Kazakhstan radio stations

Kazakhstan radio

Kazakh Radio - state-owned, broadcasts in Kazakh and Russian.

Europa Plus - private, Almaty, Astana.

Russkoye Radio-Asia - private, Almaty, Astana.

Kazakhstan news agencies

Kazakhstan news

Kazinform - state-owned.

Gazeta.kz - online news, English-language pages.

Interfax Kazakhstan - service of Russian news agency Interfax.

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