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Oyushy (“master of ornaments”)

“Ornament” in Kazakh people language is named “oyu-ornek” (“oyu” - pattern, “ornek” - tracery). The master of making ornaments is called “oyushy”. Kazakh people respect oyushy very much.


Kazakh people ornaments - Oyushy (master of ornaments)

Gool, dongelek, muyiz, tanba

There are four types of Kazakh ornaments: vegetable, animal, geometrical and astrological. Every one has its own meaning.

Kazakh people ornaments - types

Arpabas, kobelek, soo ornegy

Color is an important part of the ornament. Bright colors are for cheerful mood and prosperity; pale colors for depression and anxiety. White color is dominating in Kazakh ornaments meaning truth and happiness.

Kazakh people ornaments - colors

Tuyietaban (“camel foot”)

Clothes decorated with tuyietaban (“camel foot”) ornament is used for distant journey.

Tuyietaban (“camel foot”) ornament

Kazakh people ornaments - Tuyietaban (camel foot) ornament

Kus kanat (“bird’s wings”)

Kazakh people wishing happiness and independence present things with kus muryn (bird’s beak) and kus kanat (bird’s wings).

Kus kanat (“bird’s wings”) wings

Kazakh people ornaments - Kus kanat (bird's wings) wings

Kempyr kosak (“rainbow”)

Kempyr kosak (“rainbow”) ornament consists of several colors in rainbow order. The blue color is the symbol of sky (Tengry worship), red - fire and sun, yellow - mind, green - spring and youth.

Kempyr kosak (“rainbow”) ornament

Kazakh people ornaments - Kempyr kosak (rainbow) ornament

Orkesh (“camel hump”)

Orkesh (meaning “camel hump”) ornament is used for wishing prosperity and reproduction.

Orkesh (“camel hump”) ornament

Kazakh people ornaments - Orkesh (camel hump) ornament


Tumarsha ornament is looking like an amulet. It is protecting its bearer from evil eye. Tumarsha ornament is painted on clothes, yurtas and things of everyday life.

Tumarsha ornament

Kazakh people ornaments - Tumarsha ornament

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