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Questions and answers:

McKenzie asks: How old do you have to be to babysit?
Expert's answer:
According to the Labour Code of Kazakhstan, contract of employment is allowed with citizens who have reached the age of sixteen.
liz asks: Is there a swimming pool in Taldykorgan? If there is one how long is it?
Expert's answer:
I have found the contacts of two swimming pools in Taldykorgan. You can use the following service to translate sites from Russian.
Mike asks: What is the average salary of a nanny in Taraz Kazakhstan who speaks English well?
Expert's answer:
I have found a few babysitting jobs in Taraz and the average salary is about 400-600 USD per month.
Lynn asks: I can not find a phone number for Laguna Hotel in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Could you please send me the phone number. Thank You!
Expert's answer:
The following info about Laguna hotel in Karaganda will probably be helpful.
mathew asks: What is the best season to travel to Kazakhstan
Expert's answer:
The best seasons to travel to Kazakhstan are spring (April-May) and autumn, in summer it is too hot.
william taylor asks: How do I get from Astrakhan to Atyrau by bus or train?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following schedule of trains running from Astrakhan to Atyrau. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian.
Mac asks: When was the rail line between Atyrau to Kulsary and Tengiz constructed. Thank you very much!
Expert's answer:
This article about Atyrau region railroads will probably be useful. You can use this service to translate the sites from Russian.
Joaquim Valls asks: Is it possible to rent a 4x4 without driver in Almaty to visit the country without the limitations around the main cities that many companies have? Any company that you could recommend us? Thanks in advance!
Expert's answer:
I have found a couple of companies in Almaty, you can contact them to get all the details (first, second). You can use this service to translate the sites.
Kat asks:

I am curious as to how and why the horse became a part of Kazakhstan cuisine, and why it has remained thusly. Am I correct in thinking it was because of the nomadic existence of times past - survival in the cold winter out on the steppe and in the mountains?

Also, do you offer any prayers over the life of the animals you kill for food? That specific activity is an integral part of many spiritual practices here in the US and Great Britain - so that the animal killed is remembered and honored even as it is consumed for sustenance.

Expert's answer:
You are right, nomads, ancestors of Kazakhs, had plenty of horses and that's why they were used not only for transportation purposes. You can find more info about the issue in this article. Information about traditions of Kazakhs. You can use the following service to automatically translate the sites.
Kristijan Pekic asks: How much money in cash I can take out of Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
You can take out up to 10,000 USD without declaration.

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