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Questions and answers:

Karen asks: My husband and I will be in Kazakhstan for 2 weeks in late May, visiting a friend in Almaty. We will not have a car but want to be Bke to go hiking outside city areas, is this possible?
Expert's answer:
If you mean the bike tours outside the city, it is possible. Information about bike rental in Almaty. You can use the following service to automatically translate sites if necessary.
no name asks: When exactly did Kazakhstan win its independence from the Soviet Union? I know it has to be naturally after 1991.
Expert's answer:
December 16, 1991, the Supreme Soviet of Kazakhstan adopted the Constitutional Law on the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Amanullah Shah asks: What was the most important event that occurred in Kazakhstan during 50s of XX century?
Expert's answer:

In the 1950s, the Soviet government launched a wide campaign for the development of virgin lands in Kazakhstan. About 1 million new residents came here from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. As a result, Kazakhstan became a Soviet republic with the fewest representatives of the titular nation. In 1959, the share of Kazakhs reduced to 30% of the total population of the Kazakh SSR.

Also the first thermonuclear bomb was detonated at the Semipalatinsk test site in 1953 and Baikonur, the world's first spaceport, was completed in 1957.

Wella asks: Hello sir, how much is the salary for a housekeeper in Kazakshtan? I came from Philippines. And how about the Drafts man? Is it possible that Filipino citizen can work as draftsman there? Thank you and God bless!
Expert's answer:
You need to get a work permit to work officially in Kazakhstan. The average salary of a housekeeper is about 200-300 USD per month, draftsman - 250-350+ USD.
Dest asks: What is the national animal of Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
The national animal of Kazakhstan is the snow leopard.
poly asks: I am offered a job in Kazakhstan? How is the political situation in Astana? Are there many Filipinos there as I am from the Philippines.
Expert's answer:
The political situation in the country and in Astana in particular is stable at the moment. Unfortunately, I haven't found any info about the number of Filipinos living in the city. I presume, their number is not high.
Emily asks: I'm in love with a Kazakh guy and would like to marry him. Unfortunately I cannot speak neither Kazakh nor Russian. Which language should I choose to learn if I want to stay in Kazakh.
Expert's answer:
I think, learning Russian would be a better choice as Russian is not only the main language of communication in Kazakhstan, but it is also the main language of communication in many neighboring countries (Russia, Ukraine, and others).
Karrin asks: There is a little park that had small rides and several restaurants when we were visiting Shymkent... Where can I get some pictures of this park?
Expert's answer:
Some photos of Shymkent parks on Google Images. Also, you can find photos of parks on the site of the city.
Zay asks: I have a british license, am I able to drive or do I require an International driving permit? If I require an IDP am I able to get this in Kazakhstan? Thanks
Expert's answer:
You need to get either an international driving license or a notarized translation of your national driving license. It would be better to obtain one of them in your own country.
Zubarev asks: I am a Mexican passport holder living in Canada. My husband was born in Kazakhstan and now he is a Canadian citizen, his dad lives in Kazakhstan. How can I get a visa to visit Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Kazakhstan to Canada to get the latest info about this issue.

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