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Questions and answers:

Joaquim Valls asks: Is it possible to rent a 4x4 without driver in Almaty to visit the country without the limitations around the main cities that many companies have? Any company that you could recommend us? Thanks in advance!
Expert's answer:
I have found a couple of companies in Almaty, you can contact them to get all the details (first, second). You can use this service to translate the sites.
Kat asks:

I am curious as to how and why the horse became a part of Kazakhstan cuisine, and why it has remained thusly. Am I correct in thinking it was because of the nomadic existence of times past - survival in the cold winter out on the steppe and in the mountains?

Also, do you offer any prayers over the life of the animals you kill for food? That specific activity is an integral part of many spiritual practices here in the US and Great Britain - so that the animal killed is remembered and honored even as it is consumed for sustenance.

Expert's answer:
You are right, nomads, ancestors of Kazakhs, had plenty of horses and that's why they were used not only for transportation purposes. You can find more info about the issue in this article. Information about traditions of Kazakhs. You can use the following service to automatically translate the sites.
Kristijan Pekic asks: How much money in cash I can take out of Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
You can take out up to 10,000 USD without declaration.
Suzy asks: Can you tell me if there is a train from Almaty airport to Balqash? Thank you
Expert's answer:
There are no direct trains from Almaty to Balkhash. The following schedule will probably be useful. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian if necessary.
Ramesh asks: Hi. Are there vegetarian restaurants in Atyrau? Also, how easy it is to manage in English after business hours.
Expert's answer:
I have not found any restaurant offering only vegetarian menu but a lot of them have vegetarian dishes in their menus. Here is the list of Atyrau restaurants that probably will be useful. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian if necessary. Several thousands foreigners are living in the region and the city, so English is more common here and more people can speak it.
Dijoney asks: Kazakh guys are really tall and big as compared to the other Asian Ethnic Mongolian groups. Any specific reasons?
Expert's answer:
In brief, the reason is that anthropologically Kazakhs belong to the South Siberian small race, the transition race between the large Mongoloid and Caucasoid races. More info about the issue. You can translate the page from Russian by using the following service.
Salvatore asks: Now I'm working in Atyrau, how can i arrive at Aksay? i prefer don't use the car (if it is possible). Please can you provide info also to arrive at Aksay from Italy? as i know currently there are some problem with airport that usually is used to go there.
Expert's answer:
You can fly from Atyrau to Uralsk, and here is the schedule of Uralsk-Aksai trains. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian if necessary. I haven't found any direct flights from Italy to somewhere near Aksai.
frima asks: I am a Mexican citizen how do I get a visa to visit Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
At the moment, there is no Kazakhstan embassy or consulate in Mexico, but you can contact the embassy of Kazakhstan to the US, or the consulate in New York.
Laura asks: I need to know email adresses of Central Archive of Saran
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately, I have found neither emails nor the official site of Saran city archives and I doubt there are any at the moment. The address of the State Archives of Saran city - Kazakhstan, Karaganda oblast, Saran city, 2nd micro-district, 156. Contact phone: +7 721 37 3 12 43
Tony asks: Can you recommend any place with great views, to invite with your girlfriend? or any romantic places?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following article about the most romantic places of Almaty. You can use the following service to translate the page.

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