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Questions and answers:

Mara asks: What are the beauty standards for men and women in Kazakhstan. For example, I know in many parts of East Asia they prefer women with fair skin, big eyes, and cute or young features. Is this the case for kazahkstan aswell?
Expert's answer:
Women in Kazakhstan are at the crossroads: on the one hand, imitation of puppet trends of Southeast Asia, and on the other hand, such a cosmetic procedure as europeanization of the eyelids and cheekbones is one of the most popular. So the local standard of beauty is a kind of mix of these two trends. The following video 100 Years of Beauty - Kazakhstan will probably be helpful too.
Riad asks: How can I get from Paris to Aksai, I know there is no direct flight. Do I have to stopover in Moscow. Is there any flight from Moscow to Aksai. Thanks
Expert's answer:
Yes, you have to go to Moscow at first. From Moscow there are no direct flights to Aksai, Kazakhstan but there is a direct train named "Kazakhstan", running from Moscow to Almaty and passing Aksai on its way. The trip takes 30+ hours so you can choose another option: fly from Moscow to Uralsk, Kazakhstan (2 hours) and from Uralsk go by train to Aksai (2-3 hours). You can use this service to translate sites from Russian if necessary.
Jansaya asks: What is the meaning of Jansaya?
Expert's answer:
"Jan" in the Kazakh language means breath, soul, life and is used in the form of endearment. "Saya" means a shadow in the context of protection, patronage.
Bob Dalton asks: Does a British tourist to Kazahkstan need a visa?
Expert's answer:
According to the site of the embassy of Kazakhstan in the UK, citizens of the United Kingdom are exempt from visa requirements for visits up to 15 calendar days from the moment of crossing the state border between July 16, 2015 to December 31, 2017.
Elena asks: Hi, I lived in Kazakhstan until I was 13, then moved to Canada and obtained a Canadian citizenship. Now I live in the UK (with a visa), and would like to visit my family in Kazakhstan. Do I need to deal with Kazakhstan consulate in Canada? Do I need to present the loss of Kazakhstan citizenship (even if I moved young)? thank you.
Expert's answer:
You as a Canadian citizen need to get a visa to visit Kazakhstan, although you don't need an invitation. So you should contact the consulate of Kazakhstan in Canada. You can also check the following info about obtaining a visa on the site of the embassy of Kazakhstan in the UK.
Nancy asks: How far is Aktobe to Almaty in miles???
Expert's answer:
The road distance between Aktobe and Almaty is about 1,400 miles or 2,250 km.
Karen asks: What is the average temp in Almaty in January and February?
Expert's answer:
In Almaty, the average temperature in January is minus 4.7 degrees Celsius, in February - minus 3 degrees Celsius.
Sultan asks: I am from UAE and planning to relocate to khazakhstan especially Aktau due to its geographic area. However, i wonder if there are Muslims in Aktau and whether its possible for me to buy my own land or property. Thank you so much and apologize for the inconvenience.
Expert's answer:
Yes, a fairly large number of Muslims live in Aktau, here are the photos of the central mosque. You should contact local legal agencies to get the latest info about the real estate purchase. You can use this service to automatically translate the sites, when it is necessary.
Karen asks: My husband and I will be in Kazakhstan for 2 weeks in late May, visiting a friend in Almaty. We will not have a car but want to be Bke to go hiking outside city areas, is this possible?
Expert's answer:
If you mean the bike tours outside the city, it is possible. Information about bike rental in Almaty. You can use the following service to automatically translate sites if necessary.
no name asks: When exactly did Kazakhstan win its independence from the Soviet Union? I know it has to be naturally after 1991.
Expert's answer:
December 16, 1991, the Supreme Soviet of Kazakhstan adopted the Constitutional Law on the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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