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High-altitude summer pastures Taban-Karagai

Taban-Karagai is an area of summer pastures, located south of the Assy plateau in Almaty region of Kazakhstan.

This area has majestic nature with almost no traces of human presence. The pastures are at altitude over 2,000 meters above sea level. Due to the fact that it rains here almost every day, the meadows are covered with succulent grasses. Photos by Constantine Kikvidze

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Almaty oblast is one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions of Kazakhstan. Nature here is so amazing and full of contrasts that there are almost no repeating landscapes.

During one day trip you can visit the snow-capped mountains, wander through the pine forests and after a couple of hours journey walk among the dunes and sands of the endless steppes, feel the power and strength of ancient canyons and get lost in a maze of limestone mountains. Photos by Constantin Kikvidze fromĀ voxpopuli.kz.

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A herd of horses in Kazakhstan

Fascinating video in addition to our previous post about Kazakhs being the first horsemen in the world. Almost the same could be seen hundreds and thousands years before on the vast steppes of Kazakhstan.




The first horseman of the world

People on the steppes of what is now Kazakhstan were the first to achieve both riding and milking horses – new evidence suggests. This culture had domesticated horses at least 5,500 years ago.




Advertising poster of Kazakhstan army

Recruits will know why Kazakhstan army horses need camouflage :)

Kazakhstan army horse camouflage

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