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The Fayzulins family houses are located in the microdistrict of Podgora from where the city of Petropavl originates. The terrain here has a large slope.

The head of the family, Anvar Galimovich Fayzulin, explains how he came up with such an unusual idea – to build castles literally in the air. He says: “I just did not want to live in a garbage dump.” Photos by: Vitaly Rezunov for voxpopuli.kz

Fairytale castles on a hillside in Petropavl, Kazakhstan, photo 1

beautiful miniature castles

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Ancient Petroglyphs of Bayan-Zhurek

Between the ridges of Bayan-Zhurek and the Dzungarian Alatau, in the Almaty region, there is a wide valley of Kaskarau. Its beginning lies at the foot of the Dzungarian Alatau, at an altitude of 1,800-1,900 meters above sea level.

In the valley, a significant number of monuments of archeology of different epochs have been found, including ancient petroglyphs – carved or painted images on stones. Photos by: Sergey Terekhov.

Ancient Petroglyphs of Bayan-Zhurek, Almaty region, Kazakhstan, photo 1

traces of ancient people




Some places in Kazakhstan are truly unearthly

Kazakhstan continues to amaze us with its unique scenery. Of course, a lot depends on the photographer’s skill too. But when these two things come together, the result is simply stunning.

Just look at this fantastic unearthly picture taken by Sergey Terekhov. He called it “The Marsh of Space Explorers”.

Unearthly view, Kazakhstan


If you decide to travel by car and your route runs along the south of Kazakhstan, I recommend you to visit the following unique Kazakhstan monument of rock art – Tamgaly.

Petroglyphs (rock carvings) of the archaeological landscape Tamgaly are one of the oldest and most striking monuments of Semirechye (Seven Rivers) rock art, since 2004 it has the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tamgaly Gorge ancient rock carvings, Kazakhstan photo 1





Bus stops in the steppes of Kazakhstan

At the present time in Kazakhstan, more and more standard bus stops of the same type appear along the highways crossing the endless steppes. These new bus stops do not differ from each other.

The situation was different when Kazakhstan was the part of the Soviet Union. Bus stops were often built with a personal touch to their appearance, local artists helped to create designs of the stops. Here you can see several of these art objects as long as they do not disappear. Photos by Timur Zhansultanov for voxpopuli.kz

Bus stop in Kazakhstan steppe view 1



The Central Exhibition Hall of Almaty opened puppet fair “Kykli.KZ” (“Puppets.KZ”), which runs until October 31. It brings together artists and craftsmen, studios, clubs, fans having a great interest in the creation of puppets, regardless of age and the presence of arts education. Photos by ankona.

Hours: 10:00-18:00. Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zheltoksan Str., 137.

Almaty, Kazakhstan puppet fair view 1


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Kazakhstan monument to the computer keyboard

Giant computer keyboard 5×20 meters made of concrete appeared in Kostanay city this week. The monument is located near the Engineering and Pedagogical University (Chernyshevskogo Street, 59).

The representative of the university explained that it was done not only as a symbol of new technologies in teaching, but also as a means to prevent disorderly parking. Earlier this place was the lawn, where a lot of people preferred to put their cars. Now this issue is resolved, according to the teachers of the university (photos by news.nur.kz)

Kostanay keyboard monument, Kazakhstan view 1


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