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Beautiful Landscapes of Lake Balkhash

Balkhash is a drainless semi-freshwater lake located in the south-east of Kazakhstan in the Almaty, Zhambyl and Karaganda regions. This is the second largest perennial salt lake (after the Caspian Sea) and the 14th in the list of the largest lakes in the world.

The uniqueness of Balkhash is that it is divided into two parts by a narrow strait with different chemical characteristics of the water – in the western part it is almost fresh, and in the eastern part it is brackish. Lake Balkhash on Google Maps. Photos by: Andrey Zhuravlev.

Beautiful Landscapes of Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan, photo 1

the largest inner lake of Kazakhstan

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Picturesque views of Zhambyl oblast

Zhambyl region located in southern Kazakhstan is named after Kazakh poet Zhambyl Dzhabayev (1846-1945).

The southern part of the region includes the northern slopes of Kyrgyz and Karatau mountains and, in their foothills, a narrow strip of fertile irrigated land. The center of the oblast is the sandy Muyun-Kum Desert, which is separated by Chu River from the clay desert of Betpak-Dala in the northern part of the region.

Picturesque view of Zhambyl oblast, Kazakhstan 1


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The beauty of Zhambyl oblast nature

Zhambyl oblast is located in southern Kazakhstan. The region was named after Kazakh poet Zhambyl Dzhabayev (1846-1945).

Zhambyl oblast has good opportunities for developing tourism both inner and international. The territory of the region was crossed by the Great Silk way along which there are a lot of interesting monuments of history and culture.

The region is rich in great number of landscape and biological territories valuable for eco tourism, for example, Northern region of Western Tyan-Shan. Flora and fauna are unique there.




Missile firing at Sary-Shagan testing ground

Sary-Shagan is a military testing ground in Kazakhstan. It is located to the northwest and west of Lake Balkhash in the desert Betpak-Dala on the territories of Karaganda and Zhambyl oblasts.

Sary-Shagan is the first and only in Eurasia ground for developing and testing anti-missile weapons. Military units of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan have regular training activities there. Photos by Grigoriy Bedenko.

Missile firing, Sary-Shagan testing ground, Kazakhstan view 1


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