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Kazakhstan monument to the computer keyboard

Giant computer keyboard 5×20 meters made of concrete appeared in Kostanay city this week. The monument is located near the Engineering and Pedagogical University (Chernyshevskogo Street, 59).

The representative of the university explained that it was done not only as a symbol of new technologies in teaching, but also as a means to prevent disorderly parking. Earlier this place was the lawn, where a lot of people preferred to put their cars. Now this issue is resolved, according to the teachers of the university (photos by news.nur.kz)

Kostanay keyboard monument, Kazakhstan view 1


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Kazakhstan Independence Day poster

Wait, something is wrong, isn’t it? :) (from Idioteka.ru)

Kazakhstan world map location fail




Advertising poster of Kazakhstan army

Recruits will know why Kazakhstan army horses need camouflage :)

Kazakhstan army horse camouflage

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Strange and original window bars

The following picture was taken in Almaty city. It must be a very creative mind living in this apartment :)

Almaty city, Kazakhstan original window bars view


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Winter is coming to Kazakhstan

First fall of snow has happened in Almaty city recently and here is the result :) Photos by Kairat Nurmugambetov.

Almaty city, Kazakhstan first snow 2010 view 1


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The idea that if you have a luxury car you should have a “nice looking” license plate is widely spread all over the world and here is an example from Almaty city of Kazakhstan with lucky 777. And the restaurant is also called “Seven Treasures” (click the picture to see all the details).

Kazakhstan lucky license plates 777 view

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Kazakhstan internet cafe creative name

What a nice internet cafe they have in Kazakhstan :) The photo was captured by Aset Nurpeisov.

Kazakhstan internet cafe scenery

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