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September 30, 2016, an exhibition of arts and crafts, objects of everyday life of Kazakh people of the 12th-19th centuries opened in the State Museum of Arts named after A. Kasteyev in Almaty.

All exhibits are part of the collection of the famous Kazakh collector and antiquarian Azat Akimbek. You can see examples of folk crafts – weaving, embroidery, leatherworking, wood, pottery, jewelry and blacksmith art. Photos by: voxpopuli.kz

Everyday life objects of Kazakh people, photo 1

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The cave mosque Shakpak Ata

The underground mosque of Shakpak Ata is a unique place, one of the most impressive monuments of Mangystau, the peninsula located on the east coast of the Caspian Sea (Mangystau region).

This mosque is one of the most ancient monuments of Islamic architecture. Also, it has some links with cave temples of ancient religions: Zoroastrianism (fire worship), Hinduism, Buddhism and early Christianity. The photos were taken by Denis Frantsouzov.

Shakpak Ata cave mosque, Kazakhstan, photo 1

unique mosque




Nomads – Eternal Wanderers

In this short movie you can see some fragments of the Kazakh national game “Kokpar”. It was the training of mounted warriors that helped to improve fighting skills in a real fight.

The shooting took place in southern Kazakhstan, near the cities of Turkestan and Sauran. The latter was destroyed in the 14th century by the armies of Genghis Khan and Kokands. Sauran was the largest center of its time, with the water supply system, paved streets, architecture.

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Kazakh people national games

The Kazakhs are ethnicity and nation, indigenous and general population of Kazakhstan. Kazakhs are also living in nearby regions of China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia.

At present Kazakhstan is experiencing a period of national revival and the revival of national statehood. During the Soviet period Kazakhs’ traditions were proclaimed the relics of the past and were methodically eradicated. The following set of videos introduces you to the traditional games of Kazakhs.

Kazakh people national games – Intro


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National traditions of Kazakhs

Interesting video about several traditions of native people of Kazakhstan.


Islam is the most common religion among the believers in the Republic of Kazakhstan. A lot of cities in the country have picturesque mosques like the following ones.

Mosque “Nur-Astana”, Astana

Kazakhstan mosque - Astana


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The necropolis Koshkar-Ata

Koshkar-Ata necropolis is located in Mangystau oblast of Kazakhstan and has the status of the monument of 10th-19th centuries protected by the state. The photos were captured by Ruprix.

Necropolis Koshkar-Ata, Mangystau oblast, Kazakhstan view 1


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Almaty Winter Dance 3D Show

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Kazakhstan patriotic video

Main message of the video – “Together we are Kazakhstan”




Kazakh people origin and traditions