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Bus stops in the steppes of Kazakhstan

At the present time in Kazakhstan, more and more standard bus stops of the same type appear along the highways crossing the endless steppes. These new bus stops do not differ from each other.

The situation was different when Kazakhstan was the part of the Soviet Union. Bus stops were often built with a personal touch to their appearance, local artists helped to create designs of the stops. Here you can see several of these art objects as long as they do not disappear. Photos by Timur Zhansultanov for voxpopuli.kz

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Kazakhstan – the land of contrasts

Kazakhstan is a vast territory, reaching the size of Western Europe, but with a population of sixteen million. This is a land of mountains, fast rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and mountain pastures.

Kazakhstan is a land of boundless steppes, hills and green meadows stretching to the horizon. In winter, temperatures reach minus forty degrees Celsius, and in summer, on the contrary, it is forty-degree heat.

The country occupies an area of historic Great Silk Road, at the junction of East and West, north and south, connecting the air and land routes of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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Almaty oblast is one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions of Kazakhstan. Nature here is so amazing and full of contrasts that there are almost no repeating landscapes.

During one day trip you can visit the snow-capped mountains, wander through the pine forests and after a couple of hours journey walk among the dunes and sands of the endless steppes, feel the power and strength of ancient canyons and get lost in a maze of limestone mountains. Photos by Constantin Kikvidze fromĀ voxpopuli.kz.

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