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Missile firing at Sary-Shagan testing ground

Sary-Shagan is a military testing ground in Kazakhstan. It is located to the northwest and west of Lake Balkhash in the desert Betpak-Dala on the territories of Karaganda and Zhambyl oblasts.

Sary-Shagan is the first and only in Eurasia ground for developing and testing anti-missile weapons. Military units of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan have regular training activities there. Photos by Grigoriy Bedenko.

Missile firing, Sary-Shagan testing ground, Kazakhstan view 1


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Advertising poster of Kazakhstan army

Recruits will know why Kazakhstan army horses need camouflage :)

Kazakhstan army horse camouflage

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According to the agenda the mission is to free the hostages (in the bus) and to neutralize the terrorists. But something goes wrong and I am not sure what is better to be “saved” in the following style or to be the hostage.

But the commentator on the first video says without any doubt that the operation has been successful, all the hostages has been freed.


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