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Unique nature of Charyn Canyon

Charуn Canyon stretches for 154 km along the river Charуn in Kazakhstan. It is located 195 km to the east from Almaty, near the border with China. Canyon is the part of Charyn National Park founded in 2004.

The canyon is a monument of nature consisting of sedimentary rocks formed about 12 million years ago. The height of the canyon walls is up to 150-300 meters. The place is also known for the variety of flora and fauna. More than 1500 species of plants grow here. Charyn Canyon on Google Maps. Photos by el-magico

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Charyn canyon beautiful views

In addition to the post devoted to Charyn canyon also known as Castle’s valley we offer you several beautiful pictures of it that can be nice wallpapers. The photos were captured by Roman Barelko and are all clickable. Also there are several versions of every picture for the screen resolution you need on the site of the author.

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Charyn canyon is unique natural monument of Kazakhstan formed about 30 million years ago located about 200 km from Almaty city. The photos by tengry.net (all pictures are clickable).

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