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The riots of workers in Zhanauzen

December 16, Zhanauzen (Mangystau oblast) became the place of serious riots that began during the rally of oilmen. The city is a center of oil industry workers strike that has been lasting for 7 months.

The workers gathered at the day of 20th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan to require the resumption of the negotiations and demanded the release of their leaders who were arrested and convicted. The action involved more than five thousand people.

As a result the buildings of city administration and oil company as well as a police bus were burned. According to first information about 20 people were killed and a lot of wounded. Local websites, online newspapers, Twitter were shut down in the whole region. The internal troops were moved to the city to suppress the riots.

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National traditions of Kazakhs

Interesting video about several traditions of native people of Kazakhstan.




The sceneries of Karaganda oblast steppe

The nature of Karaganda oblast is beautiful but this land also preserves the historical memory of the tragic events happened in its past. The following memorials are dedicated to the victims of Stalin’s repressions. The photos were captured by mishgun.

Karaganda oblast, Kazakhstan scenery 1


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Mike Tyson visiting Kazakhstan

The photo captured during the visit :)

Mike Tyson in Kazakhstan




The homeless persons of Almaty city

Contrary to the previous patriotic video of Kazakhstan here is the photo report devoted to homeless persons of Almaty city captured by Aleksey Romanov.

Almaty city, Kazakhstan homeless persons photo 1


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The idea that if you have a luxury car you should have a “nice looking” license plate is widely spread all over the world and here is an example from Almaty city of Kazakhstan with lucky 777. And the restaurant is also called “Seven Treasures” (click the picture to see all the details).

Kazakhstan lucky license plates 777 view

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