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Saryarka – Steppe and Lakes of Kazakhstan

Saryarka is a vast steppe territory located in Northern and Central Kazakhstan, in the Akmola and Karaganda regions. It is known for its harsh climate, unique ecosystem with rich flora and fauna, and picturesque views.

Saryarka – Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstan is the first natural World Heritage site in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It consists of two reserves, Korgalzhyn (Central Kazakhstan) and Naurzum (Northern Kazakhstan), with a total area of ​​450,344 hectares. Korgalzhyn Reserve of Saryarka on Google Maps. Photos by: Grigory Bedenko.

Saryarka - Steppe and Lakes of Kazakhstan, photo 1

beautiful steppe scenery

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Borovoe is one of the lakes of Burabay group of lakes located in the north of Kazakhstan, in the Burabay district of the Akmola region.

The entire shore of the lake is covered with pine forests, hence the name – Borovoe (“bor” means a coniferous forest in Russian). The historical name of the lake is Auliekol, which means “Holy Lake”.

Lake Borovoe, Kazakhstan, photo 1

very picturesque lake


Kazakhstan has an amazing and unique pristine nature area – the land of blue mountains and lakes known as Borovoe (Burabai) nature resort located in Akmola region.

After two hundred kilometers trip across boundless steppes, suddenly you can see majestic mountains, forests and rock piles. These beautiful places are a favorite destination for tourists. Photos by Dmitry Chistoprudov

Borovoe resort, Akmola region, Kazakhstan, photo 1

unusual nature views

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Borovoe (Burabai on Kazakh language) is a year-round climatic resort opened in Akmola region in 1910. The resort is situated 250 km north of Astana. This beautiful place attracts a lot of locals and tourists.

The resort is located at an altitude of about 480 meters, in a pine forest. Burabai is called “the pearl of Kazakhstan” and “Kazakhstan’s Switzerland”. Borovoe location on Google Maps. Photos by Petr Ushanov

Borovoe Nature Resort, Kazakhstan photo 1

more picturesque landscapes

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Gold mining in Kazakhstan

In Akmola region, approximately 15 kilometers from Kokshetau, there is unique gold deposit “Altyntau Kokshetau”. The depth of the pit is 135 meters, surface area – 1210 thousand square meters. In the mid-2000s the company received an investment of about $ 700 million. For the past two years it produced 11.5 tons of gold.

Current productivity of the deposit is about 6 million tons of ore per year (8 million tons at full capacity). One ton of ore contains about 2 grams of gold. Thus, in future it will produce about 15 tons of gold a year. Photos by voxpopuli.kz

Gold mining in Kazakhstan photo 1


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Picturesque sceneries of Akmola oblast captured from the helicopter by jolybolgish.

Akmola oblast, Kazakhstan view 1


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Borovoye health resort landscapes

Borovoye (also spelled Borovoe) is a famous Kazakhstan health resort located in Akmola oblast. Here is a nice video of the resort nature views at summer time.

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