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Khodzha Akhmed Yasavi Mausoleum

Khodzha Akhmed Yasavi Mausoleum was built in Turkestan in 1396-1399 on the orders of emir Timur by Persian masters. The mausoleum is a masterpiece of Central Asian architecture representing the architectural heritage of past centuries. In June 2003, the Mausoleum received the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The photos were captured by Semyonova.

Khodzha Akhmed Yasavi mausoleum, Turkestan, Kazakhstan view 1


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The necropolis Koshkar-Ata

Koshkar-Ata necropolis is located in Mangystau oblast of Kazakhstan and has the status of the monument of 10th-19th centuries protected by the state. The photos were captured by Ruprix.

Necropolis Koshkar-Ata, Mangystau oblast, Kazakhstan view 1


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Kazakh people origin and traditions

Kazakhstan is rich in various monuments of the past centuries and some of them are presented in the following video




Besshatyr burial mounds

Altyn Yemel is the largest national park of Kazakhstan located in Almaty oblast, about 150 km from Almaty city. There is a unique object of history and archaeology on its territory – Besshatyr burial mounds.

The necropolis has the tombs of Eastern Scythians or Saky-Tigrakhauda people lived on that territory in 7th-6th centuries BC. There are 30 mounds located in the area. The largest one is the King’s mound with the height of 17 meters and a diameter of 104 meters. And here is the video of the area.

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