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Besshatyr burial mounds

Altyn Yemel is the largest national park of Kazakhstan located in Almaty oblast, about 150 km from Almaty city. There is a unique object of history and archaeology on its territory – Besshatyr burial mounds.

The necropolis has the tombs of Eastern Scythians or Saky-Tigrakhauda people lived on that territory in 7th-6th centuries BC. There are 30 mounds located in the area. The largest one is the King’s mound with the height of 17 meters and a diameter of 104 meters. And here is the video of the area.

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Borovoye health resort landscapes

Borovoye (also spelled Borovoe) is a famous Kazakhstan health resort located in Akmola oblast. Here is a nice video of the resort nature views at summer time.

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According to the agenda the mission is to free the hostages (in the bus) and to neutralize the terrorists. But something goes wrong and I am not sure what is better to be “saved” in the following style or to be the hostage.

But the commentator on the first video says without any doubt that the operation has been successful, all the hostages has been freed.


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Northern Kazakhstan nature

The following video report was captured by ABC Australia on the shores of the Aral Sea and in Aralsk city. The story is about the present and the possible future of the Aral Sea that almost disappeared during the Soviet times.

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Kazakhstan introduction music video

The following is a nice video with the music of national anthem of Kazakhstan and sceneries of Kazakhstan past, present, nature, people, attractions.