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Casino statistics: why players rarely win and how to increase their chances?

The percentage of return casino, for example in balloon.casino – strictly fixed in the legislation value. Gambling hall, like a bookmaker’s office, according to modern requirements for the quality of online gambling, can not give players back less than 90% of the incoming funds. All costs, including technical costs for renting servers and staff, casinos are required to allocate from their share of profits, without infringing on the players.

The same applies to bonus programs – encouragement of users should not affect the chance of taking money out of the gaming establishment. At the same time, statistics confirm that only 10% of users remain in the plus at a prolonged fascination with gambling. That is, 90% to some degree or another lose money. How to get into the first 10%, it is worth understanding even before you register in the hall slot machines.

Casino Statistics
Image by Nyoman Suartawan from Pixabay.

How slots allocate funds

The payoff of slot machines in fact even more. Trying to interest users of their software products, developers are trying to set the highest possible percentage of return. The only deterrent is the desire of the casinos themselves to earn something. The average RTP of European manufacturers is 95%.

But you have to take into account the psychology of players. No one will not be interested in slots that give only what you put in. Players want to have an incentive to play – the stated main prize, some very tempting amount, on which you can focus, even realizing that such prizes are few.

It is for this purpose that the manufacturers put in the code distribution – the jackpot, which will be written about in the network, will be drawn 1-2 times a month, and it will take up to 90% of all the funds invested by other players. That is, one user will take away what the rest invested a month. The last will be left crumbs – 10-30% of the invested personally, to maintain a sense of profit and not to discourage gambling at all.

That is why it makes no sense to play after receiving a large prize, just like choosing a slot on which you have just won a jackpot. The chance that the machine will continue to give is too low. It is better to end the session, take a break and come back to the game later.

The machines with the highest payoff

Strange as it may seem, the most giving machines are not those that are written about in blogs – single cases of fabulous winnings can be compared to Guinness Book records – they became famous precisely because of the rarity of events. Give regularly apparatuses in which the winnings are not only tied to the distribution and random number generator. These include slots for which there are really proven strategies:

  • card games in which you can calculate the rebound or predict the behavior of an automated dealer;
  • roulette – a machine in which you can focus not only on the payoff, but also on statistics – the theory of probability;
  • multiplayer quest games or betting between players, where the percentage can be controlled, albeit increasing the risk.

Such slots are difficult to master, as they really involve playing skills. But any online casino has free versions of the same games. To master the rules of Baccarat or Poker, you can first practice on automatics, and then sit down at the table with real players.

How to increase the profit percentage

To know how to win, you need to perfectly understand the mechanics of the game and the principles of winnings distribution. Each slot has small secrets that divide players into casual visitors, who will leave money, and pros – those who will eventually withdraw these funds. Secrets can be very different. The same machines can have a risk game with dealer card preview or pure risk. Because of this, experienced players choose the first version of Crazy Monkey over the second with a card option.

In some apparatuses before the risk there is a chance to save half the amount at stake – so little popular 777 becomes very attractive. In a room with live dealers you can not only bet, but also wait for a convenient combination, and only for this you can tolerate minutes of pauses – the time for which other players make a move. Not understanding how the slot works, it is worth using the demo mode.

Taboos when playing at online casinos

You will not have to invent anything new. On the home page of each licensed slot machine hall prescribed recommendations for responsible play. The administration can not check whether the user complies with them or not, but it is not beneficial to her that customers leave the hall in upset feelings. These rules are really thought out to reduce the amount of negativity. The main tips are simple:

1. Play only with your own funds, without borrowing or using money set aside for everyday needs.
2. Do not enter the arcade when upset or under the influence of alcohol.
3. Do not buy or use hacking guides and systems that promise guaranteed winnings.

The main thing is to realize that the casino is really only a means of spending leisure time. You can not consider it as a way to earn money and count on a guaranteed return. On any casino site is necessarily written that the game is associated with financial risks, and this point can not be excluded. You can only minimize these risks. Therefore, learn more about the nuances and tricks of how to play slot machines.

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