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Watch Team Kazakhstan at the 2024 Olympic Games on Your Mobile Device

Watch Team Kazakhstan at the 2024 Olympic Games on Your Mobile Device, photo 1
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Kazakhstan is a nation that loves sports, from the youth ranks and amateurs through to the professionals. Evidence of the country’s love of sport is everywhere, including its grand stadiums, successful teams at major competitions like the Olympic Games, and the massive number of followers supporting top performers.

Sport is part of the culture in Kazakhstan, and you don’t have to look for evidence. It may be a well-guarded secret, but Kazak tourism owes much to the country’s top sporting talent, with visitors arriving worldwide to watch competitions, stare at the impressive stadiums, and watch a country punch well above its weight. If you love sports, there’s plenty to see here, and 2023 could be the year to visit.

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Prepare for 2024

With the Olympic Games 2024 beginning to make headlines, it seemed the ideal opportunity to refresh our readers on Kazakhstan’s relationship with sports. We look at the areas where they have succeeded in the past. The top athletes and expectations for next year’s games in Paris, France. There’s even information on watching the games for free on your iPhone.

Team Kazakhstan sends a sizeable team to Paris for the first proper Olympic Games since the pandemic hit in 2020. The previous games were for the summer of 2020, but when the coronavirus hit hard, the fixtures were postponed and played out behind closed doors. Having only competitors and a few locals in attendance gave the spectacle an eerily silent atmosphere.

Over the last century, only a few events postponed or delayed the games. But COVID wiped out the schedule, damaging the chances of teams, athletes, nations, and fans from enjoying the games that eventually ran over 12 months late. One thing that was apparent during the Olympic Games 2020 was sport’s nothing without fans. The roar of the crowd, the predictions, the controversy, and the atmosphere.

An Olympics needs them all to be a success, but thankfully we’re back to full speed next summer. Are you ready? Keep reading as we bring readers up to pace on the Olympic Games 2024 dates for your diary, the sports where Kazakhstan might find joy, how you watch for free, and make predictions.

Olympic Games 2024 info

The next installment of the historic Olympic Games comes from the French capital. Summer 2024 is named the Paris Olympics, but 16 French cities will lend a helping hand, including a town in Tahiti, which is, of course, a French overseas territory. All eyes will be on the French as they must pull the games through a sticky spell, not for the first time.

The Olympic Games 2024 welcomes over ten thousand athletes who compete in 329 events in 32 sports and almost 50 disciplines. It’s a festival of sport, and organizers hope fans flock to Paris to ensure the importance of the Olympics isn’t lost on a generation. Young athletes and supporters will feel they have some catching up after the postponed 2020 Games.

The opening ceremony date is the 26th of July 2024, which you can add to your diaries. That’s when the curtain goes up, and the historic show begins. Races, fights, and events then come at us thick and fast, and you’ll need a reliable way to follow the play, ensuring you take advantage of every chance to cheer on your favorites due to work or family commitments. We’ll tell you how shortly.

Watch Team Kazakhstan at the 2024 Olympic Games on Your Mobile Device, photo 2
Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Top sports in Kazakhstan

It may surprise sports followers, and even lovers of the Olympics, but Kazakhstan ranks in the top 50 countries for medals won, currently ranked 49th. The team hopes to add to their medal haul in France, and despite the competitive games expected, Team Kazakh has a great chance.

Which sports give Kazakhstan the best chance of success? There are a few to consider, but we’re happy to stick with traditionally popular sports in the area. And in particular amateur boxing, where Kazakhstan has enjoyed success. They have a tremendous amateur team but only a few good professional fighters.

The most famous pro boxer from Kazakhstan is Gennady Golovkin, and the amateur boxing coaches will be looking for another just like him next summer.

Kazakhstan has won 79 Olympic medals, comprising 15 golds, 25 silvers, and 39 bronze medals. It could have been more, but we must remember the cream of the crop from Kazak sport flew the flag for the Soviet Union.

In addition to boxing medals and success, other sports popular in Kazakhstan include football, basketball, ice hockey, and bandy. Those sports are most popular with players, professional athletes, and fans.

Watch the Olympic Games 2024 free

The Olympic Games is one of the favorites of major TV broadcasters, with Paris 2024 shown live on NBC Universal in the United States, BBC in the United Kingdom, and CBC in Canada. Tune into the action at home, and you won’t miss a fixture.

But what if you’re missing out due to work or family commitments? Thankfully, you remain in the loop when choosing your smartphone to watch the games. Download a reputable and legal live-streaming app in your region and watch from anywhere. You’re good to go if you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection or available data on your handset.

Live streaming has changed since the last Olympic Games, attracting millions of new users. The quality is as good as you’d expect from any TV broadcaster, with expert commentary, in-play odds, stats, live scores, and more. It’s everything you need in one place.

Cut the ropes that tether you to your home computer and get on the move, bringing the Paris 2024 coverage along for the ride.

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