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Top 7 posts about Kazakhstan in 2015

Let’s see the posts in our blog about Kazakhstan which were the most interesting for our visitors in 2015.

1. 12 interesting facts about Kazakhstan. The country has a lot to surprise the world.

2. The beauty of Astana – the capital city of Kazakhstan.

Astana, Kazakhstan

3. “Hazrat Sultan”, the largest mosque in Kazakhstan, is located in Astana. The height of each of the four minarets is 77 meters.

Hazrat Sultan Mosque, Astana, Kazakhstan

4. Astana – a city built in the middle of the steppe. One more set of stunning photos of Astana.

Astana city, Kazakhstan

5. Traditional games of the Kazakhs – the indigenous people of Kazakhstan.


6. Beautiful landscapes of the south-eastern Kazakhstan.

The south-eastern Kazakhstan

7. Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan and the largest city of the country, at night.

Almaty city, Kazakhstan at night

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