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Astana and Almaty time-lapse

A couple of nice time-lapse videos of Kazakhstan new capital city Astana located in the steppe region of the country and former capital, largest city of Kazakhstan Almaty surrounded by the mountains.

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The tour of the places of Semey city

Semey (former Semipalatinsk, renamed in 2007) is a city of East Kazakhstan oblast standing on Irtysh river banks. Semey is one the most ancient cities of Kazakhstan.

There are a lot of objects in the city which refer to architectural and historical monuments as well as a lot of statues to outstanding personalities linked with the city. Photos by lord_fame.

Tank T-34 monument

Semey city, Kazakhstan tank T-34 monument





The beautiful sights of Almaty

Almaty, former capital city of Kazakhstan, is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Asia. With its European style architecture, modern buildings and glorious breathtaking mountains just minutes away from the city center it is a great option for business and leisure travellers alike.


According to the officials of Astana it is the most beautiful fountain in Kazakhstan.

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Looking pretty good

Central Park of Astana, Kazakhstan reconstruction project 1


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Kazakhstan monument to the computer keyboard

Giant computer keyboard 5×20 meters made of concrete appeared in Kostanay city this week. The monument is located near the Engineering and Pedagogical University (Chernyshevskogo Street, 59).

The representative of the university explained that it was done not only as a symbol of new technologies in teaching, but also as a means to prevent disorderly parking. Earlier this place was the lawn, where a lot of people preferred to put their cars. Now this issue is resolved, according to the teachers of the university (photos by news.nur.kz)

Kostanay keyboard monument, Kazakhstan view 1


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The new railway station will be built in south-eastern part of Astana, on the continuation of one of the main streets of the city – G.Mustafin Street. This street leads to the most significant buildings of the new Kazakhstan capital.

Astana new railway station project view 1


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Astana has the status of the capital city of Kazakhstan from December 10, 1997. The population of Astana is about 700,000, it is the second largest city in the country after former capital Almaty.

The main reason for moving the capital was the geographical location of the city – it is much more accessible to Russia and the chance of earthquake is much smaller. The following beautiful photos of Astana were taken by Stepanov Slava.

Astana, Kazakhstan architecture view 1





Architecture of Astana

The following short film was commissioned by Majors Office of Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, for OSCE Forum.

Astana Architecture from alexander chertok on Vimeo.


Islam is the most common religion among the believers in the Republic of Kazakhstan. A lot of cities in the country have picturesque mosques like the following ones.

Mosque “Nur-Astana”, Astana

Kazakhstan mosque - Astana


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