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Lucky Jet vs Aviator: a comparison of two high-end Kazakhstan betting games with similar strategies and interfaces

Arcade mini-games are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming halls of modern online casinos. Among the leaders in terms of player attention are almost always the crash games Aviator from the developer Spribe and Lucky Jet, accessed by the provider 1win. These games provide players with unique opportunities for fun and winnings, which can be tried out at casino aviator kz. Aviator and Lucky Jet have a similar interface and gameplay principles. So what choice to make between two great arcade games at online casinos? Today we will make a detailed comparison of both games, review their features and help you make the right decision.


Lucky Jet – a jet jump to winnings

Lucky Jet is an interesting arcade game that will allow you to experience a whole range of bright emotions. The futuristic game interface creates the atmosphere of an exciting adventure. In the center of events – Lucky Joe with a jetpack behind his back. His main goal – to fly above the clouds and rush into space, and you at this time you need to have time to multiply your bet.

Gameplay Lucky Jet

After launching the crash game Lucky Jet you will see the night sky, clouds and Lucky Joe with a jetpack behind his back, who defies the force of gravity. To the left of the main game screen is the “Live Bets” panel, which displays all player bets made before the start of the current game round. At the bottom of the screen there is a panel “My Bets”, where you can make one or two bets simultaneously, pre-setting their amount using special buttons. To the right of the main game screen – in-game chat, where players can communicate with each other in real time.

Your task during the game round – to make a bet, watch the flight of Lucky Joe and the constantly increasing multiplier bet on the screen and manage to take the winnings before Joe flies off the screen. The multiplier can range from 1.01 and up to x100, x300 and even higher. There is no upper limit to the winnings.

Features Lucky Jet

To the main features of the arcade game Lucky Jet can be attributed:

  • Simple interface – the game has a simple and intuitive interface, not overloaded with unnecessary buttons and information. This makes it accessible for beginners and easy to master.
  • The result of each round is determined by an unbiased random number generator.
  • Instant payouts – if you manage to pick up the bet with a multiplier before the moment when Lucky Joe flies away, the winnings will instantly appear on the balance.
  • Auto Withdraw – you can set up the game so that each round will automatically deposit a set bet amount and will automatically pick up your winnings when the multiplier you set is reached.
  • Musical background – relaxing music combined with the sounds of the game create a great atmosphere for a gambling vacation.

Aviator – flying towards luck

Now let’s pay attention to the crash game Aviator from the operator Spribe. Here you also need to bet and have time to collect your winnings. But the main role this time is assigned to a small red airplane, which begins its takeoff in an unknown location.

Aviator gameplay

Crash game Aviator offers a simpler game screen, where there are no additional elements except, directly, the red plane and multicolored rays on the background. This game in general offers more gray colors and design is somewhat inferior to Lucky Jet. But the interface is identical: on the left of the game screen there is a table with live bets of the players, on the right there is an online chat where players can share their thoughts, at the bottom there is a panel for choosing bets, at the top there is a ribbon with the history of the last multipliers.

In the Aviator game, you also have to place a bet ranging from 0.1 to 100 euro equivalent before each game round starts. Then it remains to watch the takeoff of the plane, the growth of the multiplier and manage to take the amount of winnings (the amount of the bet x the size of the multiplier) before the airplane flies off in an unknown direction. Each player can adjust up to two bets at the same time, as well as use the autoplay option.

Aviator Features

Among the main features of the Aviator crash game are:

  • Simple game rules – to win you only need to press the “Withdraw” button in time.
  • Instant payouts – funds are instantly credited to the player’s balance after a successful withdrawal.
  • Ability to customize the automatic game according to the desired parameters.
  • Unobtrusive music – in the background plays a melody in ambient style, which allows you to relax and get more pleasure from the gaming process.

Comparison of Aviator and Lucky Jet crash games

We have looked at the gameplay of each of the games and their features. Now let’s conduct a comparative analysis of these entertainments among themselves by basic parameters:

  • Theme. Lucky Jet takes you to the space above the clouds and on the way to space, and the protagonist is Lucky Joe – a colorful character with a jetpack behind his back. He looks bright and stylish. In Aviator all the action takes place on the background of multicolored rays, and on the screen there is only a simple red airplane.
  • Interface. The games have a similar interface with a convenient location of buttons to control the gameplay and informative panels with the main information about the game rounds.
  • Bonuses. Both games are devoid of any bonus features.
  • Difficulty levels. In Aviator and Lucky Jet there are no difficulty levels that would affect the gameplay. The only parameter affecting the outcome of the game is the bet multiplier on the screen.
  • Progressive Jackpot. The games do not have the option to pay the accumulative jackpot.
  • Payout speed. Both games offer instant payout of winnings immediately after the game round is completed.

So, the only major difference between the games is the visual style. Lucky Jet has a more interesting game screen background and a more colorful game character. Aviator has duller colors and only a simple plane on the screen. In other respects, the games are almost completely identical, so the choice between these crash games will depend only on your visual preferences.


According to the results of our comparative analysis, we can say the following: Lucky Jet and Aviator are two exciting games with simple rules, which differ from each other only in visual style and musical accompaniment. And if you are interested in how to start earning with the Aviator game, read this article. Whichever of these two games you choose, with 100% probability you will get a vivid experience from the gameplay and appreciate the opportunity to get quick payouts.

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