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Questions and answers:

Manoj asks: What would be the minimum and maximum rent of a 1 bedroom apartment in Aktau for long term hiring?
Expert's answer:
You can check the following lists of one bedroom apartments available for long term rent in Aktau (first, second). The exchange rate is about 183 Tenge per 1 USD. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian.
Alan asks: Where can I find a 2 bed apartment to rent for 1 month in Aksai?
Expert's answer:
The city is very small and so the offer of apartments to rent is minimal. I think you should better contact the hotels of Aksai city that offer the rooms for long terms. Here is Aksai city review from one of the visitors of the city with some contacts and I think it will be useful for you. The review is on Russian but you can use the following service to get the general translation.
Roger asks: Im looking for an appartment for rent in Uralsk. Do you have any information about apartment rental in this city?
Expert's answer:
I have found several offers from Uralsk city (2 rooms apartments, about 400–600 USD per month). First one contact phones: +7–777–8619033 (Vladimir) and +7–777–1533619 (Olesya). Second: +7–777–1847034 (Zoya Konstantinovna). Third: +7–777–395–16–74, +7–702–459–57–51 (Dina). Good luck!
Vishal asks: Hi, I am looking for 1 Bedroom apartment to rent in Aktau city of Kazakhstan. It should be somewhere near to the city centre.
Expert's answer:
I have found several offers according to your needs. The contacts are: 1. e–mail: iliys79@mail.ru phone: 87015255507 2. phones: 8–7292–404631, 87015285983. Also there is specialized site about renting an apartment in Aktau.
madhurjya dutta asks: I will be moving to Astana, I would like to know the rent for a two bed room apartment in a good location in Astana.
Expert's answer:
There are a lot of various offers on the following site devoted to renting apartments in Astana.
Engin asks: I will go to Aktau city after ten days, I need rent a apartment how can I find?
Expert's answer:
I have found several offers about renting an apartment in Aktau city. And here is the info about the latest one with all the contacts and photos of the apartment.
Kamil asks: I am planning to move Kazakhstan (Almaty city).I would like to find out and see some pictures of flats or houses in Almaty. Is there a website for this, so that I can have a look at and seek for the prices? Thanks in advance.
Expert's answer:
Here are several offers of apartments in Almaty and here are houses offers (on Russian but I think you can get the general info you need and some pictures).

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