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Questions and answers:

william taylor asks: How do I get from Astrakhan to Atyrau by bus or train?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following schedule of trains running from Astrakhan to Atyrau. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian.
Wade Mcintire asks: I am from USA. I hear many good things about Kazakhstan Trains. I am wondering if trains have sleeper class. I will appreciate detail information about Kazakhstan Trains. How many trains are there from Almaty to Semey? What is approximately rent for first class / sleeper class from Almaty to Semey? Can I buy tickets on-line? What is URL for Kazakhstan Trains website? Thanks in advance.
Expert's answer:
The following site of Kazakhstan railways will probably be useful. And here is the schedule of trains running from Almaty to Semey. You can use this service to translate the sites from Russian.
Pavel asks: Where could I buy a train ticket from Astana to Omsk for beginning of September 2012?
Expert's answer:
It looks like there is no direct train from Astana to Omsk (Astana-Petropavlovsk-Omsk trains schedule). But there is flight from Astana to Omsk, may be it will be the most convenient way to make such trip. The following service to translate from Russian if necessary.
Aston Pateky asks: Is there train between Semey and Astana? If yes, what is the frequency? What is the fare?
Expert's answer:
The schedule of the trains running from Astana to Semey. It is on Russian but you can translate it by using the following service. It will take about 17 hours and the price of the ticket starts from about 1100 Rubles (40 USD).

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