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Questions and answers:

Soranimus asks: Hey, this is a very nice place to learn about Kazakhs, and I would really like to know (I know it's weird) how to say "magical forest" in Kazakh, thank you very much! You are all doing a great job with this site :D
Expert's answer:
Thanks for your feedback about our website. In Kazakh language "magical forest" is spelled like "sikyrly orman".
Bob asks: What Are The Names Of Kazakhstan's type of clothing? And How Do You Say I'm Sorry In Kazakh?
Expert's answer:
I found the following article with plenty of info about Kazakh people national cloths. You can use this service to translate the page from Russian. "I am sorry" in Kazakh language can be spelled like "Keshir meni".
PP asks: How do I say "I miss you" in Kazakh?
Expert's answer:
"I miss you" is spelled like "Men seni sagyndym" in Kazakh language.
Cassie asks: How do you say "no" in Kazakh?
Expert's answer:
"No" is spelled "zhok" in Kazakh language.
Deborah Wohlschlegel asks: What is the Kazakh word for "sugar"?
Expert's answer:
Kazakh word for sugar is "kant".
Amro asks: How to say I like you in Kazakh? Thanks.
Expert's answer:
It is spelled like "Men seni zhaksy koremin".
anne asks: How to say "Thank you"?
Expert's answer:
In Kazakh language it is the word "rakmet" for "thank you" and in Russian - "spasibo".
Ellsworth Velez asks: How do you say "I love and miss you" in Kazakh?
Expert's answer:
As for the phrase "I love you" in Kazakh language its is spelled like "Men seni suyemin" and "I miss you" is spelled like "Men seni sagyndym".
Ginger Shafer asks: What is the Kazakh word for "shoe," or the word for footwear in general?
Expert's answer:
It is the word spelled like "ayak kiyim" in English.
person asks: What is the word for «friend» in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
If you mean Kazakh language it is spelled «dos» and on Russian language (widely spread in Kazakhstan) it is spelled «drug».

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