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Questions and answers:

Kaisa asks: When is there a bus from Almaty to Urumqi On what days and at what time?
Expert's answer:
The bus from Almaty to Urumqi (China) runs every day except for weekends from Sairan bus station at 09:00 am local time, the trip takes about 24 hours, the price of a round-trip ticket is about 10,000 Tenge (31 USD). You can also fly from Almaty to Urumqi (the fastest way) or go by train (the slowest way).
Riad asks: How can I get from Paris to Aksai, I know there is no direct flight. Do I have to stopover in Moscow. Is there any flight from Moscow to Aksai. Thanks
Expert's answer:
Yes, you have to go to Moscow at first. From Moscow there are no direct flights to Aksai, Kazakhstan but there is a direct train named "Kazakhstan", running from Moscow to Almaty and passing Aksai on its way. The trip takes 30+ hours so you can choose another option: fly from Moscow to Uralsk, Kazakhstan (2 hours) and from Uralsk go by train to Aksai (2-3 hours). You can use this service to translate sites from Russian if necessary.
Karen asks: My husband and I will be in Kazakhstan for 2 weeks in late May, visiting a friend in Almaty. We will not have a car but want to be Bke to go hiking outside city areas, is this possible?
Expert's answer:
If you mean the bike tours outside the city, it is possible. Information about bike rental in Almaty. You can use the following service to automatically translate sites if necessary.
mathew asks: What is the best season to travel to Kazakhstan
Expert's answer:
The best seasons to travel to Kazakhstan are spring (April-May) and autumn, in summer it is too hot.
Suzy asks: Can you tell me if there is a train from Almaty airport to Balqash? Thank you
Expert's answer:
There are no direct trains from Almaty to Balkhash. The following schedule will probably be useful. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian if necessary.
Ramesh asks: Hi. Are there vegetarian restaurants in Atyrau? Also, how easy it is to manage in English after business hours.
Expert's answer:
I have not found any restaurant offering only vegetarian menu but a lot of them have vegetarian dishes in their menus. Here is the list of Atyrau restaurants that probably will be useful. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian if necessary. Several thousands foreigners are living in the region and the city, so English is more common here and more people can speak it.
Salvatore asks: Now I'm working in Atyrau, how can i arrive at Aksay? i prefer don't use the car (if it is possible). Please can you provide info also to arrive at Aksay from Italy? as i know currently there are some problem with airport that usually is used to go there.
Expert's answer:
You can fly from Atyrau to Uralsk, and here is the schedule of Uralsk-Aksai trains. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian if necessary. I haven't found any direct flights from Italy to somewhere near Aksai.
Fatin Sharin asks: I have an enquiry regarding the flights from Almaty to Uralsk. I have difficulty in booking the tickets online, is it easier to just buy the tickets after I reach Almaty?
Expert's answer:
Check the following official booking office of Almaty airport, probably the contacts mentioned there will be useful.
Ann asks: What days do flights from Atyrau to Uralsk happen?
Expert's answer:
There are two flights every week from Atyrau to Uralsk: on Tuesday and Saturday, departure at 14:50, arrival at 15:40.
Hilal asks: Address of the branch of ministry of foreign affairs in Atyrau?
Expert's answer:
May be the following official site of Kazakhstan ministry foreign affairs will be useful.
Erik asks: Hi I'm interested in trekking for one day in the nature/mountains around Ust Kamenogorsk this summer. Do you know any companies or people who can arrange this?
Expert's answer:
You should try to contact travel agencies located in Ust-Kamenogorsk. You can use this service to translate the pages from Russian.
Isabella asks: Hey I'm doing a report on Kazakhstan and it's due March 23rd what is some important information tourist would need to know? And do you have a slogan, if so what is it?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following article about main things you should know about visiting Kazakshtan. It is mainly for Russian tourists but still some facts may be useful. This service to translate the article from Russian. As for the slogan of the country, unfortunately I could not find anything.
Michael asks: I would like to travel from Semey to Urumqi by bus or train (if shorter) around June or July 2012. I am a British expat here and I know I need a Chinese visa. Is there a Chinese consulate in Semey or do I have to go to Almaty or Astana?
Expert's answer:
There is no direct train from Semey to Urumqi. I have found unofficial info about regular bus running from Semey to Urumqi (departure on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 17:00 local time) but it is not mentioned in the schedule of bus station. Also here are some other ways (by trains, plains). There is no Chinese consulate in Semey. It was closed after the Second World War. So you have to go to Almaty. The site of China embassy to Kazakhstan may be useful. The following service to translate the sites from Russian if necessary.
Des Leech asks: Fly from Singapore to Kazakhstan? What is the price of Russian standard vodka?
Expert's answer:
Here is information about the flight from Singapore to Almaty, Kazakhstan. The price of 0,5 liter vodka bottle is about 4-5 USD.
Dave asks: Thanks for your other reply. I really appreciate and thank you very much. I have some more questions about Semey. What is best way to travel from Almaty to Semey - either train or air plane? How big is Semey city? What is approx. train fare from Almaty to Semey? Can you please send me URL for kazakh trains where I can book online? Is semey more like Russian town or kazakh town?
Expert's answer:
There are regular flights from Almaty to Semey (schedule from Almaty airport site). Also there are several trains available. The info is on Russian but you can translate it by using the following service. Semey in general is looking similar to Russian city.
Dave asks: How do I get train to Semey? What is train fair? Do I need special permission to go to Semey? Please tell me more about Kazakhstan Railways. If there are sleeper coaches available?
Expert's answer:
There is regular train from Astana to Semey, departure from Astana at 13:10 local time, arrival to Semey at 05:43, time in travel 16 hours 33 minutes. The price starts from 1080 Rubles (35 USD). You don't need special permission to visit the city. The trains running for long distances of course have sleeper coaches available.
raman asks: i am an indian and am coming to aksai on 8th January, 2011. Kindly give me some tips on food, TV Channels, anther pass times.
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact local hotels to get all the info about attractions available in Aksai like the following hotel.
Tony asks: What is the nearest airport to Aralsk for flghts from and to Almaty and for the hire of two 4x4 vehicles? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
The nearest city with the airport and flights to/from Almaty available is the capital city of the region - Kyzylorda city. But I am not sure about hiring the vehicles you need, you should ask about it the people that take part in off road trips in Kazakhstan like from "Off Road Kazakhstan" club contact phones: +7 727 273 79 04, +7 727 273 20 20, 8 701 711 95 18 or "Asia Discovery" club contact emails: asia_discovery@nursat.kz, asia_discovery@inbox.ru
Car asks: Where can I get a driver to drive around Almaty and Chimkent?
Expert's answer:
Here is the site of Kazakhstan office of international car rental company "Hertz". I think they will be able to help you.
Brian asks: Is it possible to travel overland from Astana to Omsk Russia as US citizen?
Expert's answer:
It is possible if you have all the documents (visas) required. There is regular train going from Karaganda (Kazakhstan) to Omsk (Russia) passing on its way Astana (Kazakhstan). The train number is 345f and it stops at Astana at 22:35 local time, departure at 23:06 every even day; the train arrives to Omsk at 10:51.

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