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Questions and answers:

Nancy asks: How far is Aktobe to Almaty in miles???
Expert's answer:
The road distance between Aktobe and Almaty is about 1,400 miles or 2,250 km.
Bjarn Hagen asks: How far is it to drive from Aqtau to Atyrau?
Expert's answer:
The distance from Aqtau to Atyrau by road is about 1000-1050 km.
darren asks: What is the distance from Atyrau to Uralsk?
Expert's answer:
The distance from Uralsk to Atyrau is about 510 km by highway (recently reconstructed).
deepender asks: Distance between Almaty to New Delhi?
Expert's answer:
The flight distance between the cities is about 1651 km.
Lang asks: What is the railroad distance between Dostyk train station and Aktau train station? Thanks.
Expert's answer:
I could not find exact distance but here is the map of Kazakhstan railways so you can count the distance by yourself.
Julie Adams Church asks: I have a friend currently living in Almaty. Other friends are moving to Astana. What is the distance between cities and is the transportation good?
Expert's answer:
The closest available road distance between Almaty and Astana is about 1220 km. It can't be said that the road is perfect but you can do the travel. This spring (2010) some parts of the road were closed being damaged by floods. So I think it is more safe to have such a trip during summer and winter times.
Kimo Karini asks: What is the distance between Atyrau and Aksai?
Expert's answer:
The distance between Atyrau and Aksai cities (in case of going by road passing Uralsk city) is about 660 km (510 km from Atyrau to Uralsk and 150 km from Uralsk to Aksai).
Jasmin asks: How far is Uralsk from Atyrau by car or bus or do I have to take a plane? Thanks
Expert's answer:
The distance from Uralsk to Atyrau is about 510 km by highway (recently reconstructed) so you will have no problems traveling by it.
Frank asks: How far is Astana city to Karaganda city?
Expert's answer:
The distance between Astana and Karaganda cities is about 200 km.

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