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Questions and answers:

Michael asks: Expected salary for Commissioning Mechanical Engineer in Astana?
Expert's answer:
The average salary for this profession in Astana is about 150,000 Tenge or 500 USD per month.
Wella asks: Hello sir, how much is the salary for a housekeeper in Kazakshtan? I came from Philippines. And how about the Drafts man? Is it possible that Filipino citizen can work as draftsman there? Thank you and God bless!
Expert's answer:
You need to get a work permit to work officially in Kazakhstan. The average salary of a housekeeper is about 200-300 USD per month, draftsman - 250-350+ USD.
Jing asks: My husband is offered a job in Kazakhstan. Can he bring me along with him and can I look for a job in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
I think that it is possible. But it would be better to discuss all the details with the employer, check the visa requirements (usually can be found on the site of the embassy of Kazakhstan to your country). This article about obtaining a work permission in Kazakhstan. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian or other languages.
Sham asks: Sir, I want to know what will be the salary of electrical engineer with 4 years experience and diploma in Russian language. certificate in Turkish too
Expert's answer:
The following list of electrical engineer vacancies available in Kazakhstan will probably be useful. The current exchange rate is about 180 Kazakhstan Tenge per 1 USD.
Gary Miller asks: What is the average salary of senior software engineer in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
I have found several job offers and the average salary is about 200000 Tenge (about 1100 USD) per month.
Dennis asks: Hi I'm from UAE working as planning engr., I have a job offer in Astana, Kazakstan by local employer here.Is it safe to work in Astana, Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
The capital city of Kazakhstan has the highest crime rate in the country. You can find some figures in this article about criminal activity in Astana. You can autimatically translate the article by using the following service. I think, you can also try to get in contact with foreigners who are already working there, or worked there before to get their impressions about the place.
Rajnish Kumar asks: Sir, please convey me what is the avarage salary of receptionist in Astana, Kazakhstan. Regards
Expert's answer:
According to the info I have found (August 2014), the average salary of receptionist in Astana is about 400-500 USD per month.
McKenzie asks: How old do you have to be to babysit?
Expert's answer:
According to the Labour Code of Kazakhstan, contract of employment is allowed with citizens who have reached the age of sixteen.
Mike asks: What is the average salary of a nanny in Taraz Kazakhstan who speaks English well?
Expert's answer:
I have found a few babysitting jobs in Taraz and the average salary is about 400-600 USD per month.
Micah asks: How much is the average experienced salary of a nanny/housekeeper in Astana, Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following list of nanny/housekeeper job offers in Astana. According to it the salary varies greatly depending on the working hours, experience, etc. and is about 200-400 USD (current exchange rate is 150 Kazakhstan Tenge per 1 USD). You can translate the site from Russian by using the following service.
venkata asks: I am looking for a 28/28 rotational job in Atyrau.
Expert's answer:
I found the following list of oil and natural gas companies located in Atyrau, try to send them your request, check their sites. You can use the following service to translate the page from Russian if necessary.
Roy Bellard asks: What is average salary for software engineer with around 20 years of experience in Kazakhstan? Where some one can job in software field - Almaty or Astana or other city?
Expert's answer:
Almaty as the largest city of Kazakhstan is the best place to find the job you like. Here are some sites with job offers in IT field in Almaty (list#1, list#2, list#3. The following service to translate from Russian when necessary. The exchange rate is about 148 Tenge for 1 USD.
Aji asks: How much is the average salary for an electrical engineer in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
The average salary of electrical engineer in Kazakhstan according to the job offers I have found is about 700-1000 USD per month.
Mark asks: What is average salary in Kazakhstan for hotel Receptionist? What is average salary for software engineer?
Expert's answer:
According to the job offers I have found the salary of hotel receptionist starts at about 300-400 USD and 500 USD for software engineer.
MTH asks: My wife is a medical student from the USA interested in doing a 6-8 week clinical rotation with a doctor in Aktau. Is there a public hospital there with doctors who speak English? How much is cost of living in Aktau? We would like to rent a small apartment for 2 months and would like to know general prices on things.
Expert's answer:
You can contact the following hospitals located in Aktau city to have the info if such rotation is possible. First one is Mangistau oblast hospital (contact email: mte@topmail.kz and contact phones: +7 7292 210275, 77292211273, +7 7292 210327. Second one is Regional hospital for children (contact email: odb516@ok.kz and contact phone: +7 7292 210369, fax: +7 7292 210362). As for the renting of an apartment the cost of 1 room apartment starts at about 50,000 tenge per month (about 340 USD) (2010).
Syed asks: Which are the oil and gas projects in progress and which companies are doing these projects. Can I search and get a job? I am civil engineer, having 30 years experience in Saudi Arabia.
Expert's answer:
Here is Kazakhstan oil and gas projects information (May 2008). And concerning getting a job I have found the following opportunities as civil engineer in Kazakhstan oil and gas industry.
Azali asks: I am an Iranian agricultural engineer and want to immigrate and live in Kazakhstan. Is it easy to start a simple life and start a suitable job in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact Kazakhstan embassy in Iran (Kazakhstan embassy contact info).

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