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Questions and answers:

Munazza asks: Can we bring cooked food like chicken, beef, mutton in very small quantities?
Expert's answer:
The only restriction on bringing food into Kazakhstan is its weight - no more than 10 kg per person.
Ruby asks: Hi, I would like to ask a list of halal restaurants in Almaty. Thank you
Expert's answer:
Check the following list of halal restaurants in Almaty.
Adam asks: If you do not feel comfortable trying Kazakh traditional food (liver, lungs, intestine, horse meat etc). Could you find standard European food in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
It is not a problem to buy almost all kinds of European food at local grocery stores in Kazakhstan.
Kat asks:

I am curious as to how and why the horse became a part of Kazakhstan cuisine, and why it has remained thusly. Am I correct in thinking it was because of the nomadic existence of times past - survival in the cold winter out on the steppe and in the mountains?

Also, do you offer any prayers over the life of the animals you kill for food? That specific activity is an integral part of many spiritual practices here in the US and Great Britain - so that the animal killed is remembered and honored even as it is consumed for sustenance.

Expert's answer:
You are right, nomads, ancestors of Kazakhs, had plenty of horses and that's why they were used not only for transportation purposes. You can find more info about the issue in this article. Information about traditions of Kazakhs. You can use the following service to automatically translate the sites.
mohamed gamil asks: Can I find Halal food easily in Atyrau city? Is it common there?
Expert's answer:
I have found a couple of restaurants offering halal food in Atyrau: restaurant "Sanzhak" and restaurant "Cosmo". You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian.
Romel asks: I would like to know if there are restaurants in Almaty offering Asian foods or sea foods? I love seafoods very much... Thank you..
Expert's answer:
I have found a couple of lists of Almaty restaurants that may be useful (first list, second list). This service to translate from Russian.
pierce asks: if you had an american friend visiting, what local dish would you have him try? If you were visiting here in America, what local food would you be missing from Almaty?
Expert's answer:
I think that it would be interesting for him to try the following Kazakhstan national meals. And about the second part of the question, I am not sure about the differences in variety of food in US comparing to Kazakhstan so it is difficult to say what would a person from Almaty be missing except for traditional meals which for the majority of the people are not for everyday use.
Nigel Wilson asks: I would like to get a recipe for a cake sold in many parts of China. People told me that most of the sellers were from Kazakhstan. The cake is mostly nuts and seeds (almonds, pistachios, peanuts, sesame seeds etc) and all held together with sticky sugar. It is decorated with dried fruit. Any thoughts
Expert's answer:
I think that you mean "chak-chak", here is one photo. And here are several receipts: first one, second. The info is on Russian but can be easily translated by the following service following service.
aswin asks: About food style and which type of food available in Aktau, Indian food available?
Expert's answer:
Here is a complete list of Aktau city restaurants with the information about food types available. The list is on Russian so you can use the following service to get the translation.
shine, Borat Martin, Rose asks: What about Kazkahstan national dishes.
Expert's answer:
We have a special page devoted to Kazakhstan traditional and modern cookery available.
Nathalie asks: I would like to know about the exibitions held concerning food and traditions.
Expert's answer:
Try this one InterFood Astana 2008
Terry asks: Do restaurants exist that provide american foods there?
Expert's answer:
Sure, for example restaurant «American bar and grill» (Kazakhstan, Almaty, Tole Bi Str., 41) and «Stetson ranch» recreation center (American and Mexican cuisine) located in Turgenskoe canyon, Ile–Alautskiy National park, about 80 km from Almaty city.

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