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Questions and answers:

Alicja asks: Hello, I'm going to Almaty for a couple of months to work - I'll be an English teacher and i'm going to earn about 860 $ monthly. Is it enough to live there (including accomodation, transport, food, some entertainment, etc.) Thanks for your help
Expert's answer:
It will be enough, here is the same question and answer with some costs of living in Almaty.
Basia asks: Hello:) I'm going to Alamty this October for an internship. I would like to ask about the costs of living and renting a flat there. I would also like to know what is the average salary in that city. regards
Expert's answer:

The average salary in Almaty city is about 130,000 Tenge or 800 USD (2010). Renting of one living room apartment costs about 300-500 USD depending on the district of the city.

As for the cost of living (in 2010) the loaf of bread costs about 50-60 Tenge, 1 liter of milk - 150 Tenge, 1 kilo of cheese - 870 Tenge, movie theater ticket about 400-800 Tenge.

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