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Questions and answers:

Jessica Murphy asks: What language do you speak in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
The official state language of Kazakhstan is Kazakh language (about 65% native speakers of Kazakhstan population). Also Russian language has the same rights. Russian language is called the language of interethnic communication (about 95% native speakers of Kazakhstan population).
Deborah asks: What is considered a good luck charm in Kazakstan?
Expert's answer:
Kazakh people traditional charms («tumar») are becoming more and more popular in modern Kazakhstan. The usual form is triangular and sometimes square. Tumars are made of valuable cloth, leather, silver. There is also shaman invocation or the Koran sura or the pinch of Holy Land soil or salt inside the charm. And here are several photos of the tumars (Tumar #1, Tumar #2, Tumar #3).

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