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Questions and answers:

Alex asks: What times do most Kazakhs go to bed and wake up in the morning?
Expert's answer:
I can't provide any official statistics, but from experience most of people with traditional eight-hour work go to bed around 22-23 o'clock and wake up at 6-7 in the morning.
Carla Delgado asks: I'll go to visit Kazakhstan and as would be done to live in Kazakhstan, are there Latinos in Almaty?
Expert's answer:
In 2010, the ethnic composition of Almaty was the following: Kazakhs - 51%, Russians - 33%, Uyghurs - 5%, Koreans - 1.9%, Tatars - 1.8%, Ukrainians - 1.2%, other nations - less than 1%. So there is no any sizeable community of Latinos in Almaty.
Dijoney asks: Kazakh guys are really tall and big as compared to the other Asian Ethnic Mongolian groups. Any specific reasons?
Expert's answer:
In brief, the reason is that anthropologically Kazakhs belong to the South Siberian small race, the transition race between the large Mongoloid and Caucasoid races. More info about the issue. You can translate the page from Russian by using the following service.
Dustin asks: I have a job offer in Actau coming up and was wondering if its safe for me and my family to move there? Is there many Canadian or American families living there? Whats the schools like ? Are the people nice to new comers?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following article that may be useful - experiences and advice of foreigners living in Aktau. You can translate the sites from Russian by using the following service.
FE asks: Why do most or many people in Kazakhstan have slanted eyes and from what country did they mostly immigrate from?
Expert's answer:
Kazakhs are descendants of several tribes: Turkic group (Khazars, Kipchaks, Cumans and others), Mongolic group, Iranic group (Sarmatians, Scythians and others). Kazakhs populated the territory when nomadic groups started to invade the area in the 5th-13th centuries AD. Here is more info about the origin of Kazakhs.
YVG asks: Which US city has the largest concentration of Kazakhstan immigrants?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following article about Kazakhs in the US and Canada. You can use the following service to translate the article from Russian.
Rakesh Patel asks: Is there any Indian Restaurants in Semey? Is there any Indian people living in Semey? Is there any Indian living in Astana?
Expert's answer:
I could not find any information about Indians living in Semey or Astana. The list of Semey restaurants that may be useful. This service to translate from Russian.
Alice asks: Which cities in the USA have a concentration of Kazakh people living? Are there community centers or web contacts to groups of Kazakh people in these cities?
Expert's answer:
I think you can try to contact Kazakh student association of Indiana University (kazakh@indiana.edu). Also the following community of Kazakh people in USA may be helpful too.
LeeVon asks: I have adopted a daughter that is from Kazakhstan, she is tall for her age - could you tell me the average height for women in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
I could not find official statistics but according to some articles the average height is about 160-165 cm.
bob asks: Where do most of the people in Kazakhstan live? (in cities, in farms, in the mountains)
Expert's answer:
According to all Kazakhstan population census of 2009 the urban population of the country is 8,662 millions (54,1%) and the rural population is 7,347 millions (45,9%).
khalisha asks: Why most Kazakhstan and Uzbekhistan people's name end with the word "-ov". For example AbultalipOV, LyubOV, BorisOV, KolganOV, KorepanOV. Why?
Expert's answer:
The suffix "-ov" has Russian origin (Petrov, Ivanov, Kuznetsov etc.) and because the countries mentioned were the part of Russian Empire and later USSR the last names with this suffix are widely spread.
Peter Reilly asks: What is the official unemployment rate of the Oblast of South Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
The official unemployment rate (August 2010) is 5,9% or 68,700 people.
Marjorie asks: Hows the peace and order situation in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
The situation in the whole is stable, for the last years there are no known civil disturbances on national or political reasons.
Meri asks: What is the population of Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
According to the latest statistics the population of Kazakhstan is about 16,197,000 (2010).
john askew asks: While walking near the mountain Belukha in August we met a party of Kazakhs. I would like to get in contact with one of the group.
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact detective agencies working in Kazakhstan. For example this one. Good luck!
Janet asks: What other countries are larger than Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
Here we go. Top 10 countries by land area (sq. km.):
  • Russia – 17,075,400
  • Canada – 9,976,140
  • China – 9,598,077
  • USA – 9,532,776
  • Brazil – 8,511,965
  • Australia – 7,687,453
  • India – 3,287,590
  • Argentina – 2,766,890
  • Kazakhstan – 2,723,890
  • Sudan – 2,505,810
Jiro Inaba asks: Would you please inform me the population and land area of Dolon village?
Expert's answer:
Dolon village is located about 60 km from the border of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. Dolon village is known to be heavily contaminated by the first USSR atomic bomb test. The current population of Dolon village (7 km radius) is about 500–700 people, no information about land area of that village (pretty small I guess).
Avneesh asks: How much has the internet penetrated Kazakh society? Are there many Kazakh websites, or do most people turn to Russian sites (or any others)?
Expert's answer:
Kazakhstan is playing the leading role in expanding the Internet access among the countries of Central Asia. At the end of 2008 about 15% of the population (2,3 millions) had Internet access. Kazakhstan has two state languages Kazakh and Russian so the majority of population knows Russian language. That's why Russian Internet resources are the most popular among Kazakhstan users (e–mail clients, social networks, entertainment sites). As for the largest Kazakhstan made sites they have about 50,000 visits per day and are mainly devoted to entertainment, photo and video hosting, torrents.

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