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Questions and answers:

s asks: Of the Muslims in Kazakhstan, what is the most popular sect? Are they primarily Sufi?
Expert's answer:
Almost all Islam believers in Kazakhstan are Sunnites. The article about Islam in Kazakhstan that may be useful. This service to translate from Russian.
Shirley Gibson asks: What is the status of Christians in this country?
Expert's answer:
There is no special status of Christians in Kazakhstan; Christianity (Orthodox and Catholic Churches) is the second main religion of the country after Islam. Also it should be mentioned that the level of religiousness in Kazakhstan is not high, about 43%, the lowest in Central Asia region.
Farooque asks: Is there a mosque in Uralsk?
Expert's answer:
There is mosque in Uralsk city and we have the photo of it on our page devoted to Uralsk city.
abubak asks: What religion do they preach in Kazakhstan and their percentage?
Expert's answer:
According to the results of recent polls (2008) main religions of Kazakhstan people are Islam (Sunnite Muslims - 47%) and Christianity (Orthodox Christians - 44%), protestants have about 2%, and 7% of people are of other religions and nonbelievers.

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