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Questions and answers:

Misha asks: I am interested in strating an orchard business in the Almaty region. I am looking for all kinds of information including where to obtain tree seeds and sapplings, where to find experienced orchard workers and experts, advice on the suitability of land and which types of crops would grow well in the region.
Expert's answer:
I have found the following company KazAgroFinace that can be helpful. Try to contact them. Also a couple of articles about the issue (Almaty orchards 1 and Almaty orchards 2). All the info is on Russian but you can easily translate it by using the following service.
Lang asks: Any Oil and Gas industry supply base in Aktau, Kazakhstan? What is their contact? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
Here are the contacts of some Aktau city companies that you might be looking for: first, second, third, fourth, fifth. To have general translation of the pages you can use the following service.
Munir Hossain Khan asks: Which is the normal route used for export and import of goods between Kazakhstan and India/Bangladesh?
Expert's answer:
The trade between Kazakhstan and India/Bangladesh is difficult from the point of view of goods transit because there are no good ways of doing it. Afghanistan route is very dangerous, Iran route is of special attention of US, China route is not cheap of high customs fees, Vladivostok (Russia) route is very expensive, also there are no sea routes available.
Munir Hossain Khan asks: If I want to import some commodities from Kazakhstan to Bangladesh, from which port it will be shipped for Chittagong port?
Expert's answer:
I suppose it is Aktau sea port as it is the only large sea port of Kazakhstan for international cargo transfer. Here is the official site of Aktau sea port (English friendly).
Victoria asks: Are foreigners welcome to put up business in Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
Here is nice article about starting business in Kazakhstan for foreigners that can be useful for you. The text is on Russian but you can get the general translation by using the following service.
Ahmed asks: How can Bangladesh visitor start a small business in Kazakhstan? And how he will stay in Kazakhstan (he will do something in there, because he loves the beautiful Kazakhstan)?
Expert's answer:
I think that first of all you should read more about getting to Kazakhstan, visas, etc. at the site of Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Chiara asks: We work in a textile company which produces laces and embroideries and silk fabrics. Do you think there are shops or customers who can buy these materials in Astana - in Atyrau and in Karaganda?
Expert's answer:
I think that the best way for you to find the customers in Kazakhstan is to visit specialized expo. And I have found the one you should be interested to participate in. It is international «Moda & Textile Expo» (October 30 2008 – November 1 2008, Kazakhstan, Almaty). The organizer contact phone is +7 3272 583434. Good luck!
Wong asks: Where is the Karachaganak?
Expert's answer:
Karachaganak – one of the world's largest oil and gas condensate fields – is located in the northwest region of Kazakhstan (West Kazakhstan oblast, near Aksai city). If you need more information visit the official site of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.
Louise asks: I would like to find real estate agents to collaborate with in Kazakhstan
Expert's answer:
Try to contact «Almaty Real Estate» firm. Contact phone: +7 (727) 258–45–05. E–mail: realty@are.kz
Ali asks: How can I find real estate agents in Alma-Ata?
Expert's answer:
Here is the page leading to info about several real estate agents of Kazakhstan.
Natalia asks: Our company is planning to open a representative branch in Atyrau. How can we find office for rent?
Expert's answer:
Here are several offers of renting offices in Atyrau city of Kazakhstan.
Pravin asks: Can I get a list of importers of tea in Kazakhstan? Through which port is tea routed into Kazakhstan?
Expert's answer:
Main importers of tea in Kazakhstan are the following companies: «Almaty Tea» (Kazakhstan, about 25%), «Orimi Trade» (Russia, about 18%), «J.V.Gokal» (India, about 15%). And about the ways the tea is coming to Kazakhstan you should better ask the importers themselves.
Jim asks: We are thinking of setting up a branch office in Kazakhstan. Are serviced offices available in Kzylorda?
Expert's answer:
You can try to contact the following real estate agencies, may be they have the info that may be helpful: first agency and second one.
Munir Hossain Khan asks: What is the route if I want to import goods from Kazakhstan to Bangladesh?
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact Kazakhstan import/export specialists like from the following company «KAZNEX» (contact emails are: info@kaznex.kz and client@kaznex.kz contact phones: +7 7172 79 17 18, +7 7172 79 17 18).

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