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Kolsay Lakes: a Paradise for Lovers

In the northern Tien Shan, a cascade of three lakes, under the general name of the Kolsay lakes, is situated. Mountain ridges border a wonderful picture. Three high-altitude lakes are called the pearl of Kazakhstan.

They were formed as a result of the landslide descent to the bottom of the gorge when a fast-moving mountain river stopped its running at the dams that suddenly appeared on its way. This is an amazing place. So, if you find the one among Asian girls, then you can visit Kolsay lakes with her or even make a proposal there.

The first (Lower) Kolsay Lake

This lake is located not very far from the former capital of Kazakhstan. Stretching for 1.5 km in length, it is clamped in a narrow gorge. The lake is surrounded by high firs. They seem to have been specially planted here to preserve this paradise. The water in the lake is absolutely transparent and reflects the sky. Photos by: Grigory Bedenko.

Lower Kolsay Lake, Kazakhstan, photo 1

If you take a picture of the lake, you will be surprised that it is difficult to determine in the pictures where the sky is and where the lake is. The virginity of nature will surprise you every time you visit this corner. It simply captures the spirit of those who see this beauty for the first time.

This is the crystal purity of air, water, and vegetation. In clear lake water, there is an amazingly beautiful trout fish. Fans of fishing go here to enjoy their favorite pastime. This lake is the most accessible for tourists and any person go there and see it.

Lower Kolsay Lakes, Kazakhstan, photo 2

The second (Middle) Kolsay Lake

After several hours of walking along the western gorge, you will reach the second lake, reminiscent of the shape of the heart. You can pick mushrooms in the forests, and at sunset, when the grass and flowers incredibly smell of honey, you can see how rainbow trouts jump out of the water.

You can walk on foot with a backpack, ride a horse, and it’s even nicer when a horse carries your bags and you walk alongside and enjoy the beauty of nature and even life itself. It seems that this area is specially created for hiking, especially when going from the lake to the lake.

Every year, groups of daredevils go hiking from this lake to Issyk-Kul. You can also join these active people.

Middle Kolsay Lake, Kazakhstan

The third (Upper) Kolsay Lake

And here it is – the smallest and coldest lake. It is surrounded by magnificent rocky coasts, overgrown with bushes. This lake is surrounded by a magnificent ensemble created by nature itself. Not everyone can go to this lake and, therefore, it is the cleanest and untouched.

People who saw this lake could never forget its beauty. When the lake has no waves, it reflects the sky and the amazing view of the landscape. This lake is surrounded by mountains and forests and it can charm everyone.

Upper Kolsay Lake, Kazakhstan

As a rule, tourists also visit another lake – Kaindy, located 11 km from the cascade of lakes. This is easy to do because the lake is the final point of intercity buses. The National Park allocated areas for recreation, guest accommodations, camping parks, tent fields will be at your disposal. To the mountain route doesn’t seem tiresome, horses can carry your bags. Photo by: Sergio.

Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan

Excursions to these lakes are interesting at any time of the year but they are especially amazing at the time of summer vacations when there is free time and people can spend 3-4 days to enjoy the charm of these places. The warm season lasts from May to October. At this time, there is expanse for fans of mushrooms, fishing, both foot and horse walks.

But there are plenty of daredevils who come to the Kolsay lakes in winter, enjoy skiing and walking in frosty weather. Winter holiday prepares an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. Spring and summer will meet you with a good weather and the sun. And autumn will give you a variety of mushrooms, taste of barberry, and gold foliage.

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