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Beautiful views of Karkaraly national park

Karkaraly state national nature park is a national park in Kazakhstan, located in Karaganda region. It is one of the protected areas of Kazakhstan because of the exceptional diversity of central Kazakhstan landscapes presented. Karkaraly nature park on Google Maps. Photos by Constantine Kikvidze

Karkaraly national park, Karaganda region, Kazakhstan photo 1





Markakolsky State Nature Reserve

Markakolsky State Nature Reserve is a nature reserve located in the East Kazakhstan region, near Lake Markakol. The reserve was established August 4, 1976; the total area is about 103 thousand hectares.

The reserve protects natural complexes of grasslands, steppes, larch taiga, mountain coniferous forests, subalpine and alpine meadows and rocky tundra on the mountain slopes of the southern Altai region around Lake Markakol (Lake Markakol on Google Maps). Photos by Ilia Afanasieff

Markakolsky State Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan photo 1





Majestic landscapes of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a vast country with a wide variety of landscapes, natural, historical, and cultural monuments. Unfortunately a great tourist potential of the country is still not fully used.

Foreign tourists are reluctant to going to Kazakhstan; even local people often prefer to travel to other countries and don’t visit Kazakhstan sights. This is largely due to poor infrastructure, complicated visa procedures, lack of information about unique reserved places, monuments of history and culture.

Kazakhstan majestic landscape 1


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In a picturesque place on the shore of Markakol Lake at the east of Kazakhstan (Kurchum district of East Kazakhstan region) there is a small village Urunhayka.

It is not so easy to get to this distant village. The only way is to drive on the mountain Old-Austrian road built by prisoners a hundred years ago. This is one of the most interesting and picturesque parts of Kazakhstan Altai. Photos by voxpopuli.kz

Urunhayka village, Eastern Kazakhstan photo 1





Unearthly beauty of Bektau-Ata landscapes

Bektau-Ata is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan and at the same time, this place remains obscure and little-known.

This is a mountainous area about 5-7 km radius located in the middle of the Kazakh steppe about 70 kilometers north of the town of Balkhash, and in close proximity to the Astana-Almaty (M36) highway (Google Maps location).

Bektau-Ata, Kazakhstan landscape photo 1



Picturesque Ushkonyr plateau is located about 45 km west of Almaty. The average height above sea level is about 2000 meters. Ushkonyr is one of the main hang-gliding places near Almaty.

There is a gravel road leading to the plateau. Soon it will become paved. The entrance to Ushkonyr is not free (the fee is 2000 tenge or about 15 USD per each car), because the land is privately owned. And here is the map location of Ushkonyr plateau. Photos by Aidar Ayazbayev

Ushkonyr plateau, Almaty, Kazakhstan landscape photo 1


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Large wildfire at the “Medeo”

In late August, large wildfire occurred in the Ile-Alatau National Park located near Almaty in the close proximity to the “Medeo” sports complex. The flames swept over twenty hectares of mountain slopes.

Large wildfire in the natural park was predicted a year ago – then the environmentalists, the rescuers and the authorities were deciding what to do with the trees felled by storm.

Recently, the works to dispose dead trees were carried out in these places but unfortunately not all the fallen trees were removed. Photos by Grigoriy Bedenko.

Large wildfire, Medeo, Almaty, Kazakhstan photo 1


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Kazakhstan is usually associated with the endless steppes and semi-deserts but the south-eastern part of the country is bordered by Tien-Shan mountain range.

This region is known for its breathtaking landscapes, beautiful flora and fauna. Photos by Gregory Bedenko

South-eastern Kazakhstan landscape photo 1


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High-altitude summer pastures Taban-Karagai

Taban-Karagai is an area of summer pastures, located south of the Assy plateau in Almaty region of Kazakhstan.

This area has majestic nature with almost no traces of human presence. The pastures are at altitude over 2,000 meters above sea level. Due to the fact that it rains here almost every day, the meadows are covered with succulent grasses. Photos by Constantine Kikvidze

Summer pastures Taban-Karagai, Kazakhstan view 1


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Picturesque sceneries of Bektau-Ata

Bektau-Ata is a picturesque mountainous area, located in the middle of the Kazakhstan steppe, about 70 kilometers north of the town of Balkhash (Karaganda region).

The area has a radius of about 5-7 km, and its flora is very different from the surrounding steppe. Photos by Ilia Afanasieff

Picturesque sceneries of Bektau-Ata, Kazakhstan 1


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