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Unique nature of Charyn Canyon

Charуn Canyon stretches for 154 km along the river Charуn in Kazakhstan. It is located 195 km to the east from Almaty, near the border with China. Canyon is the part of Charyn National Park founded in 2004.

The canyon is a monument of nature consisting of sedimentary rocks formed about 12 million years ago. The height of the canyon walls is up to 150-300 meters. The place is also known for the variety of flora and fauna. More than 1500 species of plants grow here. Charyn Canyon on Google Maps. Photos by el-magico

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Ski resort “Shimbulak” (“Chimbulak”) is situated in a picturesque Trans-Ili Alatau valley at a height 2260 meters above sea level, 25 km from the center of Almaty. The average summer temperature is plus 20 C, in winter – minus 7 C. The average snow depth is 150 cm, the number of sunny days per year is about 90%.

The resort is known for a variety of slopes, including slopes for beginners, long slopes for skiers, slopes for downhill skiing, valleys with untouched snow and half-pipe for snowboarders, extreme turns for pros, a special track for mogul.

The main characteristics of the resort: plateau length – 3800 meters, width – from 100 to 600 meters, vertical drop – 943 meters, ski area – 2260-3163 meters, total area – 99 acres.

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Majestic landscapes of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a vast country with a wide variety of landscapes, natural, historical, and cultural monuments. Unfortunately a great tourist potential of the country is still not fully used.

Foreign tourists are reluctant to going to Kazakhstan; even local people often prefer to travel to other countries and don’t visit Kazakhstan sights. This is largely due to poor infrastructure, complicated visa procedures, lack of information about unique reserved places, monuments of history and culture.

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In a picturesque place on the shore of Markakol Lake at the east of Kazakhstan (Kurchum district of East Kazakhstan region) there is a small village Urunhayka.

It is not so easy to get to this distant village. The only way is to drive on the mountain Old-Austrian road built by prisoners a hundred years ago. This is one of the most interesting and picturesque parts of Kazakhstan Altai. Photos by voxpopuli.kz

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Unearthly beauty of Bektau-Ata landscapes

Bektau-Ata is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan and at the same time, this place remains obscure and little-known.

This is a mountainous area about 5-7 km radius located in the middle of the Kazakh steppe about 70 kilometers north of the town of Balkhash, and in close proximity to the Astana-Almaty (M36) highway (Google Maps location).

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Traveling by train across Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has an extensive railway network with a total length of about 15,000 kilometers. Due to geographical features, trains play a crucial role in the life of the country.

More than 68% of the total turnover and over 57% of the country’s passenger traffic is made by railways. More than 125,000 people, accounting for nearly 1% of the population of Kazakhstan, are employed in the railway industry.

Railway transport is the main way to travel in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the following video you can see how traveling by train across Kazakhstan from south to north (from Almaty to Petropavl) looks like.




Picturesque sceneries of Bektau-Ata

Bektau-Ata is a picturesque mountainous area, located in the middle of the Kazakhstan steppe, about 70 kilometers north of the town of Balkhash (Karaganda region).

The area has a radius of about 5-7 km, and its flora is very different from the surrounding steppe. Photos by Ilia Afanasieff

Picturesque sceneries of Bektau-Ata, Kazakhstan 1


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Almaty (also known as Alma-Ata), the ex-capital of Kazakhstan, is located in the southeastern part of Kazakhstan at the foot of Zailiski Ala-Tau mountain system at an elevation of 2,300-3,000 feet (700-900 meters).

Today the city extends about 12.5 miles (20 km) in all directions from its center and is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan, with regular planning, wide, tree-lined streets, numerous parks and orchards, and a backdrop of mountains.

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Tamgaly Tas in Kazakh language means “stones with the signs”. Here on the rocks a large number of petroglyphs are preserved, among which the most famous image is the picture of the three Buddhist deities. Under the figures the sacred text is carved in Sanskrit, dating from the 12th century.

The rocks are located near the Ili River, 120 km north of Almaty. Today this place is popular with tourists, including rock-climbers, who gather here in spring and fall. Arid and semiarid landscape of the valley is one of the most picturesque places in Almaty region.

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Kazakhstan – the land of contrasts

Kazakhstan is a vast territory, reaching the size of Western Europe, but with a population of sixteen million. This is a land of mountains, fast rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and mountain pastures.

Kazakhstan is a land of boundless steppes, hills and green meadows stretching to the horizon. In winter, temperatures reach minus forty degrees Celsius, and in summer, on the contrary, it is forty-degree heat.

The country occupies an area of historic Great Silk Road, at the junction of East and West, north and south, connecting the air and land routes of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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